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Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Queen

Yaxlich would like to wish the Queen a Happy Birthday. Yaxlich does not know if the Queen will get a chance to visit his Blog today as she is likely to be busy. She is having tea with her family tonight at Kew Palace and then she is having fireworks. Prince Charles is hosting the party. Yaxlich hopes he does a wicked stand up routine. Yaxlich also hopes that Fergie will jump out of a cake and sing 'Happy Birthday' in a Marilyn Monroe style.

She is 80 you know. Yaxlich thinks she looks a lot younger. Yaxlich thinks the Queen is a bit of a hottie.

There have been lots of other Queens since history began. There were probably some more before that but Yaxlich doesn't know about them. Some other famous Queens have been Mary Queen of Scots who ruled over people with ginger hair. There was Queen Elizabeth the First who was the first Queen called Elizabeth. There was Queen Victoria who lived in the Tudor times. There was Queen Beatrice who legalised cannabis in Holland. There was Freddie Mercury.

Yaxlich would like to live until he is 80 but doesn't want to be the Queen as it looks like a very hard job and he wouldn't want to be made to watch the Royal Variety Performance and pretend to enjoy it.

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