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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Betty Swollocks and Blogging

Yaxlich is very hot today. The temperature in London, England at the moment is 84°F - tomorrow it will be nearly 90°. Yaxlich doesn't like it when it gets hot. He sweats a lot and has to change his underpants regularly due to a condition known as Betty Swollocks which was named after the woman who first caught it.

Yaxlich wonders if the extremely hot weather is connected with this thing he has read about called where the ice caps worn by polar bears melt and most of France drowns. Yaxlich doesn't like the sound of that. He likes polar bears.

In between changing his underpants and sticking his head in the fridge, Yaxlich has also been reading the internet. Not all of it, mind. It's very big and is even bigger now that they have it in America too. Yaxlich found that a woman in France has been sacked because she wrote a blog at work. Considering what's happening with the polar bears and everything else that is going on in France Yaxlich thinks that they should have plenty of other things to worry about.

Whilst reading more about Petite Anglais, Yaxlich found another woman who was sacked for writing a blog. Queen of the Sky was sacked for posting "inappropriate" pictures in her uniform on her blog.

Yaxlich finds all of this very odd.

Petite Anglais did not mention anything about her employers in her blog so why would they fire her?

Queen of the Sky is a good advert for her company. Yaxlich cannot believe how much leg room you get on Anonymous International Airlines planes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:59 am) : 

Betty Swollocks is my name


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (4:18 pm) : 

Did you discover Yaxlich's medical condition?


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