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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Queen And Fan Mail For Yaxlich

The Queen decided not to go to Princess Beatrice's 18th birthday party last night. A lot of fuss was made on the radio about this but Yaxlich thinks that the Queen made the right decision.

Beatrice would have only been embarrassed by her nana as she was staggering around at midnight with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, smudged mascara and flashing her tits at random strangers as she bounced down Windsor High Street to Pavlos' kebab shop for a large doner.

Prince Philip wouldn't have been too impressed with his wife's behaviour either.

Today, July 16th, is an important day in the life of Yaxlich. Today Yaxlich got his first comment on his Blog. This constitutes fan mail to Yaxlich.

Yaxlich would like to thank the mysterious b for their posting and would like to say that he is pleased you like his Blog and that it makes you laugh. Seeing small children falling over makes Yaxlich laugh.

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