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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Toilet Humour

Regular readers of Yaxlich's blog may recall the incident with the agoraphobic Peruvian, the resulting introduction of the Clenchometer and it's subsequent demise. Yaxlich also blogged about sheep poo paper. He blogged about farting. He forgot to mention in the Movie Meme post that the scene in Dumb and Dumber where Jeff Daniels has the runs makes him laugh every time he sees it.

Like a lot of British people, Yaxlich has what is known as a lavatorial sense of humour (Americans : please note the use of the extra vowel). Poo, bums and farts make him laugh. He realises that this is not a particularly sophisticated sense of humour but it works for him.

As a result when he was sent an email this morning, Yaxlich laughed so hard that a little trickle of wee came out. It is a selection of real place names around the world.

Anus (Indonesia), Ars (Iran), Bottom (North Carolina), Bum (Azerbaijan), Bumbang (Australia), Crap (Albania), Dikshit (India), Dump (Jamaica), Lake de Dungo (Angola), Poo (Spain), Lake de Poopo (Bolivia), Shit (Ethiopia), Turdo (Romania)

Yaxlich is sorry if this list either offends you or does not amuse you. Either way he's off to release the chocolate sausage.

Comments on "Toilet Humour"


Blogger crisiswhatcrisis said ... (3:42 pm) : 

It's a British thing - probably even an English thing. Who said we have to be sophisticated? I'm old enough to know better, but can still be doubled up by paroxysms (good word) of laughter at sending-your-mates-down-to-the-coast, dropping-the-kids-off-at-the-pool type humour.

Farts are funny. They just are.


Anonymous Sim said ... (4:24 pm) : 

I'd like to see anyone admit that they've been to any of those places.

Anyone for a game of pull my finger??


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (4:55 pm) : 

Yaxlich certainly agrees with Mr Crisis. He deliberately lets one go every morning so that he can start the day with a smile.

He would also like to welcome Mr Crisis to his blog and thank him for the mention on View through my window.

Sim - consider your finger well and truly pulled.


Blogger Mimi Lenox said ... (1:52 am) : 

Queen Memes does not know what to say. A Queen sould never do such a thing, talk about such a thing, blog about such a thing or write a comment about such a thing.
(This is one time I'm very glad to be talking in third person).
I'm very glad I happened across this post tonight. I was in the process of adding your movie meme as the very FIRST meme on the new template. (check it out. I brought popcorn)...and lo, and have corrected the movie meme!
I stand corrected and shall include this snippet with the original.
Memes likes to be thorough, you know.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:51 am) : 

Mimi is correct. The Queen has staff for such things.


Blogger Morticia said ... (12:07 pm) : 

Tish thinks she has stumbled into the blogsphere chapter of Cheesecutters Anonymous Annual General Meeting and she wonders where the piklets and tea are hiding.


Blogger Milk & Two Sugars said ... (12:28 pm) : 

Ooo, I'd like to add: Moonie, a town in Queensland, Australia. The name mightn't sound so bad at first, but the town is on a major highway and the poor residents of Moonie regularly have people drive down Main Street mooning them from their cars.

Perhaps Yaxlich would like to visit someday? It is certainly a very funny place.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (10:40 pm) : 

Moonie sounds like just the kind of place he'd like to visit. Where in Australia is it?

Not that he'll ever get there but it's nice to know.


Blogger Milk & Two Sugars said ... (7:44 am) : 

Moonie is in sunny, humid Queensland. MTS suggests that if Yaxlich does visit, he chooses the "dry season" (which is, paradoxically, cooler than the "wet season").


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (1:34 pm) : 

Well now he knows where it is and when to go. All he needs to work out now is how to afford to get there.


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