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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

BBG Waved At Yaxlich

Yaxlich had to go to the shops earlier to buy some bread. The shops are a ten minute walk from where Yaxlich lives. Normally not a lot happens on the stretch of road between Yaxlich's home and the shops. It's a very busy road with lots of cars but he rarely sees other people on his perambulations. Occasionally he'll see a mother pushing her baby up the street. He always thinks that this is a little cruel and that, perhaps, buying a pushchair would be a better option but he digresses...

Today on his trip to the shops he saw BBG on the other side of the road. As he spotted her, she waved at him. Yaxlich blushed, put his head down and continued his journey to the shops.

Yaxlich thinks it was BBG anyway. He can't be 100% certain. Physically she certainly looked like BBG but he didn't recognise her face but, then again, he can't recall ever noticing that she had one before.

Comments on "BBG Waved At Yaxlich"


Blogger Prometheus said ... (10:16 pm) : 

Now BBG would be certain that Yaxlich is a nerd, in addition to being gay. Courage, friend of Prometheus, courage.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:35 pm) : 

Yaxlich is certain that he is not gay but he can't be certain that he is not a nerd. Recently he has spent so much time online that he has dreamt about websites and Internetty things.

He thinks that maybe he ought to take a break from the online world for a while and rediscover what the real world is like.

Then again the real world just calls him a gay nerd.

He's confused.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:31 am) : 

Yaxlich, dare I ask who BBG is? And if I have to ask, do I deserve an answer? Look, Americans are known to be crass anyway. So I figured I'd just go with it rather than fight the urge to be crass.


Blogger Michael Yass said ... (4:48 am) : 

You need to prove your non gayness to BBG somehow.


Blogger terra shield said ... (6:04 am) : 

Maybe BBG changed her mind about Yaxlich being gay, or maybe BBG is not prejudiced against gay people... oh the possibilities are endless!


Blogger terra shield said ... (6:08 am) : 

I hope Yaxlich doesn't mind me explaining to gem that BBG is the Big Boobied Girl who lives next door to Yaxlich and told her friend that Yaxlich was gay.


Blogger Lizza said ... (7:16 am) : 

Yaxlich didn't even wave back to BBG? He didn't have to wave to her face, just the part of her anatomy that he always notices. ;-D


Anonymous Sim said ... (9:48 am) : 

I think that I'll really sound like a girl when I say that I think it was sweet you blushed...


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (12:43 pm) : 

Yaxlich is a very shy person. That's why he uses the internet to talk to people.

He doesn't know whether BBG is prejudiced or not. He hopes not as that is not a nice characteristic in someone.


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