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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Polar Bears Winkies

Yaxlich read an article in the Metro newspaper yesterday which he thought he would share with you. He has looked on the Metro website but cannot find the article. Fortunately Yaxlich tore it out of the paper and brought it home with him.

It's not just the polar ice cap which is shrinking - high levels of industrial pollution in Greenland are causing polar bears' genitals to shrink too. The industrial nasties build up in seal blubber which the bears eat, Danish toxicologists say. Toxicologist Christian Sonne said the shrinkage could endanger their survival: 'Reducing polar bear penis size would make sex less successful' he said.

As regular readers will know, Yaxlich is concerned about global warming and particularly the effect it will have on polar bears. He finds this latest news very disturbing and urges his readers to stop using their cars for the next week to slow down the global warming.

Yaxlich would also like to say that despite rumours to the contrary, he has never eaten any seal blubber.

Comments on "Polar Bears Winkies"


Blogger Prometheus said ... (3:36 pm) : 

Shiver Prometheus Timbers, that pump looks a bit like a grenade. Prometheus wonders if Yaxlich, like himself, ever visited the Banbuqiao Gulag too.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (5:07 pm) : 

Prometheus might be interested in this story Yaxlich first read about on Boing Boing.

He has know idea what a Banbuqiao Gulag is so is unlikely to have visited although he cannot discount it as sometimes he forgets things


Blogger Tish said ... (6:47 am) : 

Tish has a friend who took Tish's children on a holiday to Australia last year and said friend was a little embarrassed on retrieving her luggage from the carousel to hear the faint buzzing of her best friend 'Bob", who was packed in her suitcase. Luckily the little Airport Men weren't in earshot to ask to meet Bob and neither were Tish's children. Tish is sure her children would have milked it for all the embarrassment possible - Tish's children are evil like that.


Blogger Prometheus said ... (8:57 am) : 

The Banbuqiao Gulag, Prometheus will have Yaxlich know, is also called the Bamboo Gulag. The place where the Chinese government graciously treats all their protesting countrymen to a fabulous spread of Chinese torture. Such torture, may include the aforementioned grenade-like-pump. Prometheus had the pleasure of meeting the facility director Yoo Chou Mi.


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