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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Blitherings

Yaxlich doesn't normally blog over the weekends but it is raining very hard in London at the moment so he's decided to stay indoors and post random thoughts before the football starts.

Earlier this afternoon he visited A World of Reeholio where Rhys has posted a video from the movie Super Size Me. Yaxlich quite likes McDonalds but having watched the video, he won't be ordering fries next time. Also, in a randomness that cannot be explained, the word verification when he left a comment was elxlsizo - el xl sizo - which he believes may be Spanish for "an extra large size".

On his way back from seeing Rhys he popped in to Technorati where he is now ranked 149,164. This is 76,266 places higher than the last time he shared this information with you. He also now has something called a Page Rank. This is something that Google uses to show how popular a website is. Yaxlich knows this because he used to work in computers. Well he didn't actually work in computers because that would make him very small indeed.
It's 4.04pm. The game has started. Yaxlich must be going.

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