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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Numbers

As today is a day of numbers, Yaxlich thought he would share some more with you.

0 - The number of girlfriends Yaxlich has had in the last two years
1 - The number of red boats in his current favourite blog
2 - How many times a month Yaxlich has to visit the place that smells of vegetable soup
3 - The number of people who contributed to Pant Aid
4 - How many vowels they have in America
5 - How many months Yaxlich has been writing his blog
6 - The number of times he was approached today on his way to the vegetable soup place by people asking him to complete a questionaire.
7 - The number of weeks it has taken the Job Centre to process Yaxlich's claim. He will now start to receive the princely sum of £57.45 ($109.42) per week
8 - The number of mutant eyebrows currently vying for the title of "Yaxlich's Daddy Eyebrow"
9 - How old he was when he realised that Father Christmas didn't exist
10 - How old he was when he had an incident involving a copy of Look-In and the centre spread featuring the blonde one from Abba
11 - The most comments he has had on any of his posts
12 - How long it took Takeru Kobayashi to eat 53 3/4 hot dogs
13 - How old he was when he had his first proper kiss
14 - The number of minutes it takes Yaxlich to waddle to the nearest clean public convenience during what he now refers to as the 72 Hour Clench
15 - How old he was when he told his mummy that he knew Father Christmas didn't exist
16 - The number of blogs he routinely visits every single day
17 - How old Yaxlich was when he left school
18 - The number of minutes Yaxlich stared at the number 18 before giving up on a factoid
19 - How old he was when he passed his motorbike test
20 - How old he was when he had his first motorbike accident
21 - Yaxlich's Google rank for the term Betty Swollocks
22 - Two little ducks
23 - The number of posts before Yaxlich realised he hadn't enabled comments
24 - The number of posts before Yaxlich received his first comment
25 - The number of the last factoid before he starts dealing with bigger numbers
30 - The number of days in the month that Yaxlich was born*
50 - The number of spam emails Yaxlich gets every day which tell him that his Beefy McManstick is too small or that he has won a prize or that stocks in Acme Tyres are a sure fire winner this month
63 - The most number of visitors to his blog in a single day
120 - How many minutes he had to sit in the Council offices today waiting to be seen
1,108 - The number of visitors Yaxlich has had since he installed his Site Counter
11,384 - The distance in miles from where Yaxlich lives to his furthest most reader
14,760 - The number of visitors who Site Meter say will visit his blog in the next twelve months
31,000 - The number of entries in Google for Betty Swollocks
225,430 - His current rank
50,000,000 - The number of in the world

* - Yaxlich wasn't born 30 times.

Comments on "More Numbers"


Blogger Reeholio said ... (8:51 am) : 

It is concerning the number 1 google rank for Betty Swollocks is a porn movie. Is there something you are not telling us Yaxlich? ;-)


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:52 am) : 

Yaxlich finds it sad that people would make a film of that nature mocking what is regarded as a legitimate medical condition.

However the money for being technical consultant on the film would have come in handy.


Blogger terra shield said ... (2:17 pm) : 

Statistically astounding! I just dig this post :)


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (3:37 pm) : 

Yaxlich is pleased that Terra Shield digs this post. She might like to know that he will have to update one of the statistics as he has already had 62 visitors to his blog today so is likely to have a new record number of visitors before he goes to sleep tonight and dreams about Lisa Simpson.


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