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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Yaxlich Is Gay

Yaxlich has a confession to make. He smokes. He knows that some of his readers will be very disappointed with this news. He is sorry. He has been smoking for the last 20 years and has tried a lot of different ways to give up but has failed so far.

Anyway, Yaxlich's housemate doesn't smoke so he feels it's only fair to smoke outside. Whilst outside he overheard a conversation between the daughter of his next door neighbour and her friend. His next door neighbours teenage daughter is very blessed in the chest department. From here on in Yaxlich will refer to her as BBG (Big Boobied Girl).

BBG : There he is again. Having a smoke.
Big Boobied Girls Friend (BBGF) : He looks alright
BBG : Oh I wouldn't worry about him
BBGF : Why not?
BBG : Cuz they're a couple of poofters
BBGF : What?
BBG : Yeah. Him and his mate. They're gay
BBGF : Oh right

And that's where it ended.

So Yaxlich is gay because he shares a house with another man. As far as he remembers he hasn't ever flounced down the road singing Judy Garland songs at the top of his voice. He has never been to the Blue Oyster Bar. He has never grown a handlebar moustache. However BBG thinks Yaxlich is gay.

Comments on "Yaxlich Is Gay"


Blogger ExAfrica said ... (1:51 am) : 

Oh dear Farting Poofters!

ExAfrica thinks Yaxlich might look nice with a handlebar moustache.

And the word verification thingy says:
- if that's not a gay fart, I don't know what is!


Blogger Lizza said ... (3:33 am) : 

The size of BBG's brain seems to be inversely proportional to the size of her mammaries.

Lots of gay men are actually very cool, Yaxlich should know. So even if Yaxlich isn't gay, maybe he should try to think of BBG's comment about him as a compliment? :-D


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:24 am) : 

Yaxlich hasn't shaved for over a week so has the beginnings of a moustache. Perhaps he'll leave it to grow....

Yaxlich has worked with gay men in the past and they always had good dress sense and an ability to dance. This is why he finds it funny that BBG thinks he's gay because he has neither of these qualities.


Blogger fantasizer said ... (4:31 pm) : 

I'm here for the first time just to say your blog is cool, found you on The bestest blog of all time. Keep on rockin'!


Anonymous Justin said ... (6:28 am) : 

Yaxlich should know the health risks of smoking. Smoking easily induces various preventable cancers as well as emphysema. If Yaxlich is interested in quitting, I would be interested in supporting him.

I wouldn't be a very good doctor if I didn't speak my peace about my concern for Yaxlich's health.


Blogger terra shield said ... (6:49 am) : 

A general statement made by BBG based on Yaxlich's living arrangements. Interesting :)


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (12:45 pm) : 

Yaxlich is pleased that Fantasizer thinks his blog is cool and hopes they'll come back again.

He also thanks Justin for his concern and for his offer of support. When Yaxlich decides to quit he will most certainly be in contact.

Yaxlich agrees with Terra Shield that BBG assumption about his sexuality based on living conditions is interesting. He is almost tempted to play up to the assumption.


Blogger Serena said ... (1:26 pm) : 

Perhaps BBG was making some sort of cheeky american slang based pun, what with you smoking so many fags.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (4:48 pm) : 

Serena may be correct. Yaxlich lives near a large American base so perhaps his neighbours are American. He will investigate the large breasted girl further and report back.

He hopes that Serenas boyfriend is recovering from his operation.


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