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Friday, July 07, 2006

July 7

Yaxlich is normally a very happy person. He smiles at the world as it passes by his window and believes that all people are good.

Today Yaxlich is sad. It is one year ago since the London bombings and Yaxlich feels that the world is becoming an even more frightening place to live in. Sometimes Yaxlich wishes he could live on another world where people are nice to each other but this isn't possible because spaceships aren't allowed to take passengers only astronauts which is a shame.

52 people were going to work a year ago. 52 people did not come home a year ago. Why? Because some people didn't agree with their prime minister or the prime minister of America (where they also have the internet).

Yaxlich has received another e-mail like the one he showed you yesterday. This one he won't put on his blog because it has got some rude words in it and Yaxlich doesn't like rude words except the ones Pete says in Big Brother because he's funny. The e-mail talks about how sad it is that it's now illegal to be English in England and how sad it is that when people come to live in England that they want to change the country and make it like where they came from except for all the nasty bits they ran away from in the first place. The e-mail suggests that if they don't like the way England is that they should, and this is where the naughty word was, go and live somewhere else.

Yaxlich wonders if it is a coincedance that he received these e-mails around the anniversary of the London bombings or if it is part of a growing feeling in the country. Yaxlich just wants to be happy and for people to be nice to each other.

Yaxlich is sad today.

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