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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saint Georges Day

Tomorrow is Saint Georges Day in England. Saint George is the patron saint of England but it is now illegal to celebrate Saint Georges Day. It is illegal to fly the English flag outside of your house. Yaxlich thinks it might be illegal to be English in some parts of England too but he's not sure. This makes Yaxlich sad. In America, where they also have the internet, Yaxlich has seen houses with big American flags outside and it is not illegal. Mind you they also allow people to carry guns and be really fat in America so Yaxlich isn't sure if this is a good thing.

Yaxlich will still celebrate Saint Georges Day tomorrow even if it is illegal. He will wear traditional English clothes, drink traditional English beer, eat traditional English food and partake in traditional English summer sporting pastimes.

Tomorrow Yaxlich will wear a Lacoste jumper, have ten pints of Stella Artois followed by a chicken madras and throw plastic chairs at passing tourists.

Comments on "Saint Georges Day"


Blogger Little Miss Moi said ... (8:56 am) : 

Dear Yaxlich. St George is also the patron saint of the Russian Orthodoxes. But I think it's a different St George because he slayed a snake over here, not a dragon. How did he move so far and wide before aeroplanes were invented?


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (8:47 pm) : 

He rode a cock horse to Banbury Cross although that could be someone else.


Blogger Little Miss Moi said ... (2:24 pm) : 

Dear Yaxlich. Perhaps his horse had wings. Or a jet engine. The Russian st george is a sissy, he only killed a snake. But they call it a dragon. That's propaganda for ya.


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