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Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Queen And Being Fat

Yaxlich heard the Queens firework display from his home last night. It was very loud. Sadly, Yaxlich could not see any of the fireworks but he could hear them. The party was in a place called Kew which is a long way from where Yaxlich lives. Far Kew.

This morning Yaxlich sees that the Queen is carrying on with her birthday party today. This surprises Yaxlich. The Queen started her party yesterday morning, had lots of friends to tea in Kew last night and is having dinner at Windsor today. The Queen is 80 and should be very tired by now. Perhaps she had a Bolivian marching band at her party last night and they gave her some of their famous powder which stops you being tired. This would not surprise Yaxlich as the Queen used to own the World until she gave bits of it back.

Yaxlich has also learnt this morning that a travel book called "The Rough Guide to England" has said that everyone in England is an overweight, alcopop-swilling, sex-and-celebrity obsessed television addict. The BBC News website where Yaxlich learnt this also says that the English tourist board has said that this description is unhelpful. Yaxlich agrees. Yaxlich thinks that the Rough Guide should also tell potential visitors about some of the bad things too.

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