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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Breaking The Silence

Yaxlich received an email today from an old friend who now lives overseas. Yaxlich thought he would share it with you.

Breaking the Silence 15th October 2006

We are planning a march in London on October 15th. The march is to 'Break The Silence' of the silent majority and to voice our growing concerns over mass immigration into this country. The government needs to be made aware that we are not prepared to have the country we know and love turned into a haven for terrorists and terrorist sympathisers, foreign criminals and scroungers and those who are not prepared at adopt our way of life and culture.

Whilst the government try to portray us as tolerant and multi cultural, at some stage out tolerance must say enough is enough. This is not being racist as anyone with a modicum of sense can see the trouble we are all heading for.

We surely would love to be able to say Merry Christmas to whom we want. We don't want our fellow citizens to be blown up on tube trains and then be told there are 260,000 Muslims in this country who hold a grudge. Why are we going down this path to mayhem? Without the immigration of the past 50 years ''Crimewatch' would last 10 minutes.

If you feel that your fathers, grandfathers and their fathers fought two world wars so we could have the right to free speech and have our children brought up in a free country, not one where we cannot criticise, offend or speak our minds on what is daily going on around us then please come to London on October 15th.

We are looking for 5,000,000 to join us and to make it the biggest gathering London since then end of the second world war.

Please pass this onto 10 people that you know.

We will meet in front of Buckingham Palace at 11am and march to Westminster and finish in front of the Cenotaph. It will be very peaceful.

Yaxlich imagines that all police leave will be cancelled that weekend in preparation for the very peaceful march of 5 million skinheads. Yaxlich thinks that all white plastic chairs should be removed from London too.

Yaxlich also notes that the sender of the email lives 11,000 miles from Buckingham Palace. Yaxlich thinks he will join him that weekend.

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