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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Weird Wide Web

Yaxlich has not been very well these last few days which is why he hasn't added anything to his Blog. Yaxlich is sorry and hopes that you didn't stop using the Internet because he wasn't here.

What has Yaxlich learnt since Sunday? Firstly Yaxlich has learnt that William Shakespeare is dead so wonders why the Mayor spent all that money on a birthday party for him. Secondly Yaxlich has learnt that Saint George was actually Turkish. Finally Yaxlich has learnt that sometimes when people want to make babies that they involve someone else and this is called a menage a trois. That is French. Yaxlich learnt this when he found this website - Help Win This Bet. Yaxlich will be watching this website with interest to find out how the third person assists in making babies.

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