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Monday, July 17, 2006

Pretty Russian Girls

Yaxlich gets a lot of emails sent to him every day from pretty Russian girls who want to marry him. This makes Yaxlich very happy. Or at least it used to make Yaxlich happy until he discovered that these pretty Russian girls weren't real but were, in fact, ugly Russian men trying to steal Yaxlich's credit card.

Yaxlich has discovered that this is called spam.

According to Monty Python, who was a man who lived a long time ago, King Arthur used to eat ham and jam and spam a lot in Camelot. King Arthur lived hundreds of years ago and had a round table which must have been difficult to buy because Ikea hadn't been invented yet. Nor had Sweden.

Yaxlich has spent the day looking at lots of sites on the internet about spam and has also discovered that the Nigerian princess who is coming to live in Yaxlich's road and wanted him to look after her money for her doesn't exist either. Yaxlich is also not likely to receive his diploma from Harvard which is in America where they also have the internet.

Yaxlich has been advised to put something call a spam blocker onto his computer. Yaxlich was surprised to see on one of the internet sites he visited that a man was having spam withdrawal symptoms after installing a spam blocker. He hopes it doesn't make his computer corrupt so that he has to learn Urdu to speak to the man from PC World again.

Yaxlich hopes that any pretty Russian girls who really want to marry him will still find him as Yaxlich is lonely and wants somebody to love.

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