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Saturday, October 07, 2006

All White?

Yaxlich has decided that white is the new black. He hopes you like the new look. He hasn't checked all of the old pages but he thinks this new template should work OK.

He would like thank Thur Broeders for creating a very simple template to edit. As far as Yaxlich knows he is supposed to give out a big brap brap to Thur. He has no idea what this means but, apparently, this is what all the kids on the street are saying so...ermm...brap brap.

The new template is a fluid one so this means that that it changes shape depending on your screen resoultion. Yaxlich has looked at his Site Meter traffic and sees that 1024x768 is the most popular. If it doesn't work in your screen resolution please let him know and he'll try and fix it.

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