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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Big In Japan

Yaxlich discovered that one of his posts is on the Nipponify website - a news service for Japan. Yaxlich believes the internet is a wonderful thing.

Only a short post today because Yaxlich is busy trying to find a telephone number for to see if he will help with Pant Aid.

Comments on "Big In Japan"


Blogger Hafiz said ... (5:47 am) : 

what an interesting blog u have got addicted on reading it..:P..leave ur comment at my blog..wanna hear ur words..:P..take care..


Blogger Richard said ... (1:08 pm) : 

As a very silly man - I have decided to help you with your Pant Aid appeal. I do not know Bob Geldof but I have heard him sing.

I have just given what I hope will be the first ever Yaxlich Dollar towards curing your....ahem....condition.

I hope it helps.


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