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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Internet And Betty Swollocks

Yaxlich has found looking around the (which is also available in ) very frustrating today. A lot of the sites that Yaxlich normally looks at have either not been available or very slow.

Yaxlich was sent an e-mail earlier today asking him if he wanted to look at some "XXX Hot Web Sites". When Yaxlich looked at these websites it was clear that they were very hot (which is presumably what the XXX stands for) because the people on the sites had taken off all their clothes and were very sweaty. Some of them had sun tan lotion on their faces which they hadn't rubbed in properly.

This made Yaxlich think. When he is hot and suffering with his medical condition, he doesn't want to do much and sometimes disappears without telling anyone.

Maybe the internet suffers from Betty Swollocks too.

Comments on "The Internet And Betty Swollocks"


Blogger Reeholio said ... (11:31 am) : 

Yaxlich will be pleased to know that Reeholio has very much enjoyed reading Yaxlich's blog and giggled a lot. "The World of Yaxlich" has been parked in the United Kingdom spot at A World of Bloggers.




Blogger Richard said ... (10:51 pm) : 

Oh Yaxlich, you silly, silly, silly, silly man. How you make me laugh....


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