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Friday, July 21, 2006

Meeting Britney Spears

Two things have happened to Yaxlich over the last 24 hours which means that he is now very close to achieving a lifelong ambition. Meeting . She lives in where they also have the internet.

Firstly Yaxlich wrote to Queen of the Sky to wish her well with her book. Last night she replied to thank Yaxlich. This now means that Yaxlich knows a real, live American.

Secondly, Yaxlich found the Geofftech blog. Geoff used to work for the BBC website which you will probably know is one of Yaxlich's chief research sources and is one of his favourite websites. Geoff now lives in America! This is even better than getting a reply from the Queen of the Sky, who Yaxlich doesn't think is a real . An Englishman living in America. Not only that but Geoff lives in South Carolina and Britney lives in Louisiana. These two states are both in the south of America where everyone wears belts made out of bibles.

Regular readers of Yaxlich's blog may recall when he discovered that America had the internet and the things he learnt about Americans. Yaxlich has now learnt 10 more things about America thanks to Geoff.

Yaxlich is very happy and doesn't even mind his severe case of Betty Swollocks this morning. He is going to meet Britney!

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