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Monday, July 24, 2006

Flying The Flag And Mr Dobbie

Yaxlich is very pleased to see that an old fashioned law which made it illegal to fly the English flag has been scrapped although it now means that he has to find somewhere else to hang his washing.

Whilst looking at the internet, which is also available in America, Yaxlich found a story which made him feel sad. A man called Joseph Dobbie met a girl called Kate Winsall at a party and sent her an e-mail to see if she would like to accompany him to the Tate Modern for a coffee. The girl sent this e-mail to her sister and it has now been seen by millions of people worldwide.

This makes Yaxlich sad.

Mr Dobbie is clearly a romantic person who felt that by expressing his emotions to Kate that she would recognise a good hearted man who would love her and cherish her and look after her for years to come. He used romantic, poetic prose to woo a woman whose smile made "time stand still" and it was thrown back in his face. He chose to express his innermost feelings in a private e-mail which should never have been read by anyone apart from Kate Winsall.

This is not what makes Yaxlich sad. Yaxlich is sad because nobody forwarded the e-mail to him.

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