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Monday, July 24, 2006

Far Away People And More Betty Swollocks

Yaxlich had someone visit his blog this morning from which is 6709 miles from London in England where Yaxlich lives. Yaxlich doesn't know very much about Argentina apart from the fact that they grow corned beef there and it is near lots of mountains called Andy. Yaxlich saw Argentina in the World Cup and they had a fat man called Dago as their mascot.

Yaxlich doesn't know how hot it gets in Argentina but in London it is still very hot. The weather forecast from the BBC says that it will be 93° on Wednesday. This news does not please Yaxlich. As you know, Yaxlich suffers from a medical condition called Betty Swollocks and this increase in temperature is sure to bring on another extreme attack. As a result Yaxlich has stacked up all of underpants in the fridge in preperation.

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