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Monday, July 31, 2006

UK's Most Irritating Things

The BBC website has today published a list of the top ten most irritating things in the UK.
  1. Cold callers
  2. Caravans
  3. Queue-jumpers
  4. James Blunt
  5. Traffic wardens
  6. People who tailgate
  7. Brown-nosers
  8. Chantelle and Preston from Big Brother
  9. Ex-smokers
  10. Noisy neighbours

Yaxlich likes it when cold callers ring him because he doesn't have very many friends and doesn't get out to talk to people very often. He used to get a lot of people calling him but the phone calls seem to have stopped ever since Yaxlich started telling all the cold callers about his medical condition.

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Blogger zoe said ... (2:42 pm) : 

w00t - zoe is most pleased to see that she has made it onto a list as zoe was beginning to feel rather left out. as an ex-smoker, zoe can now sit back in smug satisfaction.


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