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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Full Montyski

JobCentre Plus logo - Copyright Image - Source:WikipediaYaxlich doesn't work at the moment so every two weeks he has to go to the Job Centre to tell someone what he has been doing for the previous fortnight. It took Yaxlich some time to realise that they only wanted to know about what he had been doing to try to find work. The lady with the big bottom who works there still hasn't been able to look Yaxlich in the eye since he told her about his medical condition.

Today Yaxlich went to the Job Centre and waited in line with all of the rest of the people who don't have a job. There was a line of about 30 people this morning. Despite Yaxlich humming "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer, none of the other people in the line wanted to dance. Perhaps The Full Monty wasn't a very big hit in Poland, Lithuania or Uzbekistan.

Yaxlich doesn't like having to go to the Job Centre. It makes him feel as if he has done something wrong by not having a job. It reminds him of when he was naughty at school and was sent to the headmaster although at least he's allowed to keep his trousers on at the Job Centre.

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