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Monday, October 09, 2006

Short Posts

Yaxlich was once asked why he only ever writes short posts. It's because he has a short attention span and finds that if he tries writing anything longer than a couple of paragraphs that he becomes distracted.

He has always had this problem. His teachers always used to say that whilst he was bright, he would never amount to much unless he was able to focus for longer than ten minutes.

Oh look! A birdy!

Comments on "Short Posts"


Blogger Richard said ... (11:21 pm) : 

Yaxlich - this seems to be quite a common problem, although I, myself have never.....ooh it's a blue birdy


Blogger Irene said ... (12:59 am) : 

Better have Yaxlich checked for A.D.D. :p


Blogger ExAfrica said ... (2:51 am) : 

I lurve the new look, very current, yet somehow retro - excellent choice Yaxlich. Excellent st...hey where's the bird gone?


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