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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Love Online

A few weeks ago Yaxlich told readers of his blog about a man called Mr Dobbie who wrote an email to a girl called Kate Winsall which ended up being sent all around the world and Mr Dobbie becoming a laughing stock just because he was romantic.

Today Yaxlich has read about a girl called Vicky Elborough-Cook who met a man called Gavin in Barcelona, which is in Spain. They were both staying in the same hotel, Gavin bought her drinks and they flirted with each other but Vicky didn't give Gavin her telephone number because she was "playing hard to get". When she got home, despite already having a boyfriend, she decided that she wanted to track Gavin down.

The only thing Vicky knew about Gavin was that he worked for the BBC so she sent an email to some friends to try to find him. This email ended up all going around the world and was seen by millions of people. It was unnecessary because Gavin had already got Vicky's telephone number and was interested in seeing her until he found out about the email. Gavin decided that he didn't want to meet Vicky because she was a stalker and was concerned over the welfare of his bunny rabbits whilst Vicky decided that she would try to rebuild her relationship with her boyfriend.

What has Yaxlich learned from all of this?
  1. Playing hard to get involves emailing the entire world and telling them that you fancy someone.
  2. The BBC employ university graduates to write their interactive captions.
  3. The BBC do not employ people who can spell to write their interactive captions.
  4. If you are rejected by someone you have been stalking and millions of people have read your email, pretend you weren't interested anyway and call the other person a loser. This does not make you appear bitter in any way.
  5. Love letters are dead and have been replaced with out of office replies.
  6. Yaxlich is on the wrong email distribution list as he never receives these emails.

Comments on "More Love Online"


Blogger Laurie said ... (10:34 am) : 

I am a friend of Gavin from the BBC and can tell you and your readers that he's a lovely bloke who after meeting and chatting to a girl one minute, is faced with the tabloids on his doorstep the next. He's as surprised and embarrassed at the attention that this has caused as anyone, and any unflattering comments by him that have been quoted in the press by him are either completely untrue or have been carefully "edited" by journalists, as he hasn't made any comment to any paper as far as I'm aware.

What I've learned from all this:

In a week full of terrorist plots and crisis in the Middle East, the tabloids are still interested in a "story" like this.

Anyway, just stumbled across your blog, looking for info about the Gav story. Keep it up, looks good.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (2:28 pm) : 

Yaxlich would like to thank Laurie for coming onto Yaxlich's blog and for leaving a comment.

Yaxlich would like to pass on his best wishes to Gavin and he hopes that his bunnies are still safe.


Anonymous Vicky Elborough-Cook said ... (11:10 am) : 

My name is Vicky.. and i am the supposed cause of all this nonsense! I innocently sent an email to my friend who worked at the BBC asking if she knew this guy GAVIN who id met the previous week. I thought he was really really sweet... v.good looking.. and seemed to get on with him really well.

Little did i know- this whole 'story' would be so magnetised and blown out of proportion! I would just like to say that Gavin's embarrassment and surprise is equally shared by myself...and i honestly honestly honestly did not mean to upset or embarrass anyone! How does an innocent, seemingly quite flattering email turn into a rather large bubbling couldron that can seat up to 10 bunnies!

And you're right Laurie...Pending terrorist attacks OR Random people in barcelona getting it on...
But, hey... i guess thats the british press for you!
Love, Vicky! x


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (3:33 pm) : 

Yaxlich would like to thank Vicky for stopping off at his blog and for posting her reply.


Anonymous Carl in Cheshire said ... (12:24 am) : 

Hi Vicky, I've just been reading a Daily Mail article about you and that Barcelona hen night!? How embarrasing was that? It was a bit unfair of them portraying you a bunny boiler. (my mate spotted it on the Mail's Website) You look great in the photo btw. You still have those gorgeous big green eyes (obviously) I fell for nearly 10 years ago ;) Hope you're happy & well. Carl


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