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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

MSN Top 30 Blogs

Sadly The World of Yaxlich did not make it into the MSN Top 30 Blogs. He is very pleased to see, though, that My Boyfriend Is A Twat made it to number 3 so he would like to congratulate Zoe on her achievement. Diamond Geezer also appears in the list at number 14.

The number one is a blog called Biffovision which Yaxlich has just spent the last 30 minutes reading. Part of this time was spent mopping up the coffee which had just shot out of Yaxlich's nostrils as he read Mr Biffo's History of Vomiting post.

Comments on "MSN Top 30 Blogs"


Blogger zoe said ... (7:12 pm) : 

Zoe would very much like to thank Yaxlich on his congratulations re: the top 30 best blogs on MSN. Zoe is, however, slightly amused that MSN picked Zoe up out of all the other fantastic blogs available. Still, some publicity is better than no publicity.

Yaxlich should not be scared of the Twat. He is harmless and is often swatted with a fly-swat by his partner, Zoe.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (2:37 am) : 

Yaxlich thinks that Zoes Blog makes for excellent reading. He hopes that he is able to read about her and her Twat for many more months to come.

Zoe might be able to help Yaxlich. He gets confused and doesn't know whether to call it a blog or a Blog.

Yaxlich is very new to B(b)logging and doesn't want anyone to think he's simple or anything and make him stand in the corner of the playground eating toenails.

Maybe some of the other regular readers can help Yaxlich.


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