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Friday, September 22, 2006


Yaxlich has learned that today is something called OneWebDay where everyone is supposed to celebrate online life. Yaxlich hopes that this involves cake as he likes cake. Particularly chocolate cake.

Apparently he is supposed to tell people how the internet has affected his life. For him it means that he can meet lots of people from around the world without having to leave the house. He thinks this is great. It's not like he's agoraphobic or anything. Not like the Peruvian. It just means that he can meet interesting people without having to put his outside shoes on.

The internet is a wonderful thing and he thanks Al Gore for inventing it. Jim told him that. The internet teaches you lots of things.

Yaxlich is supposed to leave a tag about OneWebDay to let people know that he knows. Here is Yaxlich's tag.


There. Done. Now he can get back to writing about movies for Lizza.

Comments on "OneWebDay"


Blogger Lizza said ... (3:04 pm) : 

My sentiments are very similar to those of Yaxlich when it comes to how the Internet has affected my life. Meeting new people, reading about what life is like in their part of the world, learning about things like Yaxlich's Beefy McManstick and his experience with agoraphobic Peruvians...stuff that I never would've discovered if it weren't for the Web.

Happy OneWebDay!


Blogger Tish said ... (7:51 am) : 

If Tish said she was impressed by meeting Yaxlich's Beefy McManstick, it would probably be misconstrued so she will save all the innuendo and stick to being pleased she met Yaxlich and Lizza and Prometheus and Sim and Jim and all the others on Yaxlich's blog instead. Tish doesn't think that can be so easily misconstrued. :-)


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (2:09 pm) : 

Lizza and Tish are two of the reasons why Yaxlich loves the internet so :)


Blogger Tish said ... (3:28 pm) : 

Awwww, Tish think Yaxlich is just saying that...



Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:48 pm) : 

Tish is fishing....


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