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Monday, January 08, 2007


Yaxlich has just remembered what it was that he was going to blog about earlier. It was very funny.

You would have enjoyed it.

Comments on "Remembered"


Blogger Lizza said ... (2:32 pm) : 

Yaxlich is being a wise-ass today.

Oh, wait. He always is. That's why I read his blog.


Anonymous Nein-Sagerin said ... (2:50 pm) : 

I wouldn't.
I'm just not in the mood today.



Blogger Wendz said ... (2:53 pm) : 

Me? Laugh? On a Monday? Well you could try I suppose.


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (4:21 pm) : 

Cheeky little bugger :)

I always get annoyed when my beautiful writing is disrupted by computer problems. If it wasn't the case, my blog would be as good as yours :P


Blogger mad muthas said ... (4:55 pm) : 

ooh, you are a tease.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (5:12 pm) : 

Hehehe...Yaxlich is still chuckling. There's no doubt it would have been one of his bestest posts ever. Worthy of a Bloggie...Hehehe...


Anonymous Greenmantle said ... (6:13 pm) : 

Yaxlich, you twit,
You think you have wit.
Remember it's Monday,
That's all I can say.

There, an answer in verse!


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (9:43 pm) : 

Good. Thanks!



Blogger Billy & MrsF said ... (11:24 am) : 

Not how many surrealists needed to change a light bulb story.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (1:08 pm) : 

It was miles better than todays post.


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