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Friday, January 05, 2007

No Reason

There's absolutely no reason why Yaxlich is mentioning the fact that he started blogging in 2006 or that he is based in the UK or that he could be considered to be a well kept secret.

There's no reason at all.

In the same way there is no need to mention that Zoe, Wendz and Petite are based in Europe (not including the United Kingdom and Ireland). Therefore it stands to reason that Yaxlich would be wasting his breath stating that Jonny, Diamond Geezer and Robert are all based in the UK where, coincedentally, both Anna and Meg have been blogging since before January 1, 2002.

Obviously if there were a reason for any of this, it would probably expire at 10.00pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) on Wednesday, January 10.

But there isn't.

Comments on "No Reason"


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (5:04 pm) : 

Incidentally, there's no reason, none whatsoever, for mentioning An Unreliable Witness in the same sentence as best writing of a weblog. It just sometimes happens that way.


Anonymous alcessa said ... (5:38 pm) : 

It's such a boring day today. Alcessa has been clicking round the WWWeb for quite some time when she found a site with something called boogies. Erm, no: Blogees. Or was it Bloggies? Anyway, she saw there were many blanks there, on this site, so she thought: Maybe I could learn some typing here? I'm not really good at it. But what should I type into all these lovely blanks here? My name? Nooo... I know!, she thought, How about trying to remember my favourite URLs and see how many of them I can write dowm correctly? They should belong to English sites, since I need to improve my English. So what's the first? Angla-, angla-, what was that? Anglaize? Petit Anglaiz? That's not English! But SHE is, so let's check the spelling. Here we go: Petite Anglaise. Beautiful. Who's next? Jaklič? Erm, no, sorry, that's Slovenian, we need the English name! Oh yes: Yaxlich. Phew, that's a difficult one! Anyone else? Don't know. I think I deserve a drink. But only after I have entered Sodazitron - here: Best European. And now for a drink!


Anonymous An Unreliable Witness said ... (5:54 pm) : 

Thank you. You are superb. I am but a cheap and common whore.


Blogger Wendz said ... (6:53 pm) : 

I think I get the hint.

vote Yaxlich? Abso-bloody-lutely! He makes me laugh.



Blogger Yaxlich said ... (7:10 pm) : 

Alcessa - Yaxlich quite likes the name Jaklič. He might use it from now on.

AUW - Perhaps so but one who writes very well indeed.

Wendz - Hint? Whatever makes you think that Yaxlich was hinting at anything?

Incidentally, his WV for this post was pohoidz which you might like to know is the method that poho's use to prove who they are.


Blogger Mystic Wing said ... (7:55 pm) : 

Well, I got the Brit part write. Not many others knew you, either. But I didn't realize you're such a newcomer, though.

Good luck, my friend.


Blogger Sanni said ... (12:33 am) : 

Fast backwards:
January, 3rd
Location: Germany
Event: Sanni voting for a famous UK Blog she loves to visit.

I´m sorry I forgot about the name of this blog... but the header shows 3 grey guys... and the host talks in 3rd person... is powered by Nescafe...
Do you have any idea who this could be?!?!


Blogger Kiyotoe said ... (4:45 am) : 

lol. subtle and yet.....effective.


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (1:54 pm) : 

Just to let you know that I nominated you for TWO categories because I am feeling very generous today! Oh yes, and you still liven up my mornings every day!



Anonymous Greenmantle said ... (2:56 pm) : 

Job done, good luck!


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (1:06 pm) : 

Mystic Wing - Yaxlich thanks you again for the Mwoggie. He has put it in his bedroom window to scare away small children.

Sanni - Yaxlich likes your new picture. Sadly, he has no idea who you are talking about. He got lost as soon as you mentioned famous.

Kiyotoe - Welcome to Yaxlich's world. He hopes you enjoy the stay.

Sally - Yaxlich thanks you for the double nomination. However he is not a transvestite so you may need to revise your votes.

Greenmantle - Yaxlich is grateful for the vote and he hopes you have recovered from the festive season.


Blogger Lizza said ... (2:41 pm) : 

I have no reason for making this comment other than to say that my fingers remembered Yaxlich (among several others) before the expiration date of something that my mind can't quite remember because it's too busy being frustrated at the snail's pace of my Internet connection now.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (5:10 pm) : 

And Yaxlich has no reason for thanking Lizza for the thing she can't remember. Although he will anyway.


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