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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Presents

Yaxlich got this gift from his nephew for Christmas.

He wonders if his nephew reads his blog.

He also got some new books from his sister so he is very pleased that he doesn't have to read about people vibrating themselves to a higher spiritual plain or have to give up smoking. They were much more gratefully received than the waste bin.

Mr E and the Agoraphobic Peruvian got him some shower gel and deoderant. He wonders if they're trying to tell him something.

What exciting gifts did everyone get this year?

Comments on "Christmas Presents"


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (7:46 pm) : 

Ignorminious' most exciting gift was a digital photo frame. He is very pleased with it, since not only can he now wow his friends at parties by displaying awful photos of them that he took just minutes before for all to see, but he can also be satisfied with the knowledge that he is leading the advance into the digital home.

(And also that he is contributing to global warming by ensuring that even mundane household items, such as picture frames, can now burn electricity 24/7!)


Blogger Wendz said ... (7:50 pm) : 

One of the things I got was a trifle bizarre....funny little dingle dangley ring thingys to decorate wine glasses so everyone knows whose glass belongs to whom and don't pass their germs around by taking the wrong glass. Odd gift, seeing as all my friends live ether in the UK or SA so there's only me drinking wine here...(hence the falling over and bruising legs - yeah I got a nasty blue lump.)


Anonymous rosiejuliet said ... (8:13 pm) : 

I got a carbon monoxide detector. From my husband. H-m-m-m. Is there something I should know?


Blogger smalltownmom said ... (3:39 am) : 

Perhaps Yaxlich had some interesting holiday entertainment like this person provides...

My children have been watching the Christmas Poo episode of South Park. Oh dear...

Happy New Year.


Blogger Sablonneuse said ... (11:14 am) : 

My daughter gave me a book by Stephen Clarke (of 'A Year in the Merde' fame) called 'Talk to the Snail'. It tells you how to insult awkward French civil servants by being 'polite' and, also how to recognise when you are being insulted 'politely' by a French person - among other things.
She gave me 'A Year in the Merde' last Summer. That has lots to say about dog poo (and bits about leaping into bed with nymphomaniac French girls)so you would probably enjoy reading it. I'd offer to lend you my copy but one of the cats peed on it.


Blogger Billy & MrsF said ... (1:10 pm) : 

MrsF got me a nice new deputy dawg hat with furry ear flaps. My kids say I look like a pillock but how cares. I cant see my self. Besides which if I put the hood of my parka up they wont be able to see much of the hat.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (4:07 pm) : 

Iggy - Yaxlich is jealous of you. His nephew got one of those and he thought it looked awfully spiffy.

Wendz - A trifle bazaar? Fantastic! Now Yaxlich knows where to buy a trifle next time he's in France.

Rosejuliet - The carbon monoxide detector is a very special gift from your husband. It shows that he cares very much about you and wants to ensure you're kept safe. Either that or he's taken the batteries out and has started gassing you knowing that you won't assume it's carbon monoxide poisoning.

Smalltownmom - Yaxlich couldn't get the video to play :(

Sablonneuse - Yaxlich will most certainly look this book up. It sounds just like the kind of thing he enjoys reading.

B&MF - Yaxlich is equally jealous of you and your Deputy Dawg hat. He used to love DD when he was smaller than he is now.


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (5:25 pm) : 

Yea, they are pretty cool. I guess it is the only logical development in a world where printing out photos is an unnecessary waste of time and people take so many that they could never decide which to put in a frame. Certainly proved to be the best way of showing various relatives our Russia photos without having to switch on the laptop or steal the TV from those wishing to watch the Simpsons.


Blogger Wendz said ... (5:43 pm) : 

Wendz has both the 'Merde' books and can highly recommend them...very funny.

oh and ha ha very funny.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (12:31 pm) : 

Iggy - Stealing the TV whilst someone is watching the Simpsons is a crime punishable by death or at least very dirty looks.

Wendz - Yaxlich will most certainly be hunting around for these books in the January sales.


Anonymous Razzamatazz said ... (2:03 pm) : 

|I got an inflatable rubber woman from my wife. Do you think she's trying to tell me something?


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (1:52 pm) : 

Rzzamatazz - Your wife or the inflatable rubber woman?


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