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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Twiddling Thumbs

Yaxlich has just got back from the vegetable soup place where he saw a man twiddling his thumbs. He doesn't think he's ever actually seen someone do this before. He thought it was just one of those sayings that didn't mean anything but this man was actually twiddling his thumbs.

He was standing in the queue to see the nice Sikh gentleman and had his hands clasped together as if in prayer. To begin with that is what Yaxlich thought he was doing. He thought he was praying to God and asking Him to somehow cover up the fact that he'd been working all week and that he was actually a Taxi Vader. Then Yaxlich noticed that his thumbs were twiddling. First they twiddled clockwise and then they went anti-clockwise.

It was fascinating to watch a thumb twiddler in action. Yaxlich almost hopes that he doesn't get a job between now and January because he wants to go back to the vegetable soup place and capture this on his video phone so that he can share it with his readers.

Twiddle. What a sadly underused word. Yaxlich thinks that he will try to use it wherever possible.

Comments on "Twiddling Thumbs"


Blogger Lizza said ... (6:30 pm) : 

Twiddling one's thumbs isn't all that easy to do. I can't do it right.

Yaxlich sees the most interesting people at that vegetable soup place. I wonder what the other people are thinking about Yaxlich whenever they see him there?


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (7:59 pm) : 

They're probably thinking "How come such a devastatingly handsome, incredibly talented guy like him ends up at the vegetable soup place? Oh look! There's Yaxlich as well. Let's shout out Farty McFart at him and see if we can make him cry again. Oi! Mrs Eyebrows! Come and join us as we humiliate the jobless loser that blogs about poo".




Blogger Reeholio said ... (2:10 am) : 

There are many cases of people twiddling their thumbs down here in New Zealand - where we also have the internet. In fact when I started reading this post, I subconsciously started to twiddle mine while I read. Great fun. People should twiddle more often.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:50 am) : 

Yaxlich is pleased to see that Rhys is back and that he managed to stop twiddling for long enough to post a comment.


Blogger Annelisa said ... (1:25 pm) : 

Oh, I love twiddling my thumbs too... but rarely sit still not doing anything with my hands long enough to do it!

And you're right - 'twiddling' is a wonderful word...

people 'twiddle their thumbs', 'twiddle their fingers' and 'twiddle their hair'... wonder what else people twiddle...?


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (1:54 pm) : 

Annelisa - Perhaps you could video yourself twiddling and put it on YouTube. Yaxlich is sure it would be a hit and perhaps revive and old English past time.


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