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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another 100 Things

The BBC have been very busy spending the licence fee this week because they've just produced another 100 things we didn't know this time last year. This is the second in the series. The first one was called 100 things we didn't know this time last year. Yaxlich can see a theme developing here.

Yaxlich chortled heartily when he saw that the medical term for the part of the brain which makes teenagers sulk is called the 'superior temporal sulcus'. Having spent two days in the company of his three teenage nieces, Yaxlich is pleased that he now knows the official term to use in future.

One of the other entries that raised a smile was that 'coprolalia' is the term used to describe the involuntary bad language used by 10% of people who suffer from Tourette's syndrome. Coprolalia sounds to Yaxlich like one of the Teletubbies.


Tinky Winky and Dipsy are in the kitchen. Tinky Winky is icing a cake. Dipsy opens a box of candles.

What's that you're doing, Tinky Winky?

Tinky Winky indicates to the oven and then back to the cake.

You're making a cake? Is it a special occasion?

Tinky Winky nods his head and nudges Dipsy who is counting out some candles. Dipsy then points to the dining table which has got four brightly wrapped boxes sitting on it.

Is it a birthday cake?

Tinky Winky and Dipsy both nod.

Whose birthday is it?

Tinky Winky and Dipsy both point to Coprolalia who is sitting in the corner twitching spasmodically.

Is it your birthday, Coprolalia?

F**k off you mother f*****g c**t

Comments on "Another 100 Things"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:09 pm) : 

Snarfed latte onto the desk! Tears in eyes with laughter.



Anonymous john.g. said ... (5:14 pm) : 

I just spilt my tea, you b******d,


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (5:21 pm) : 

Ah good ol' BBC. You know, kids TV was never as good after the axed Playdays and replaced it with Teletubbies. I was quite upset at the time, despite being too old to watch either anymore.


Blogger Sablonneuse said ... (5:39 pm) : 

Can't help wondering how you are so familiar with Teletubbies. I have no idea which one is which - let alone whether they are male or female - but I didn't 'arf larf at your script!


Anonymous Sim said ... (10:39 pm) : 

I just inhaled wine laughing. God I hope it's repeated.

What am I talking about - it's the BBC...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:01 am) : 

Man, we all need to be using sippy cups when we're in this blog. There is some serious spillage goin' on.



Blogger Wendz said ... (8:13 am) : 

I don't know. I rather thought Coprolalia sounds like an S&M fetish.


Blogger Billy & MrsF said ... (11:46 am) : 

At last we have found Eminems lyric writer. MrsF sings all your songs but I bet she didn't know you did teletubbies as well. Must dash and tell the fuckin ho.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (12:29 pm) : 

Littlebear, John G & Sim - Yaxlich hopes your drink related expulsions did not cause any serious damage.

Iggy - It hasn't been the same since Play School, in Yaxlich's opinion

Sablonneuse - Yaxlich did have to check on the official Teletubbies site to make sure that he got that bit right

Wendz - Yaxlich knows nothing of these things which you speak.

B&MF - Yaxlich hopes that you don't lock MrsF in the boot of your car and put duct tape over her mouth.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:55 pm) : 

Coprolalia reads a little bit too much like coprophilia for my liking.


Blogger CJ said ... (12:32 pm) : 

Here is a new years eve present for Yaxlich


Blogger CJ said ... (12:46 pm) : 

a book for reading
for a well deserved vacation
please read the items under "services"
just in case you are looking for a new home town
a little geography lesson to while away the hours.


Blogger Tish said ... (1:50 am) : 

Tish is speechless with mirth. Tish might even change her name to Coprolalia. Tish was definitely twitching when she used some of those words a short while ago whilst removing all the xmas lights from the tree... in the wind.


Blogger Tish said ... (1:55 am) : 

The eldest Tishette has just read the saga of Coprolalia's birthday and says "That is a masterpiece".

She is one of those teenagers ruled by their superior temporal sulcus. It is a supreme compliment.


Blogger AA said ... (4:24 am) : 

Me thinks Yaxlich need's to host a game to guess what his real name is. Maybe not the name but just the first letter of his first name.

MM is curious.

Is that OK ?



Blogger Annelisa said ... (1:13 pm) : 

'superior temporal sulcus' for a sulky spot was funny, but your teletubbies sketch was brilliant! All of my kids used to watch it - drove me nuts! So good to see a funny side to it.

Looked up 'Coprophilia', as mentioned by anonymous above, on wikipedia - yuk!

Your version's better :-)


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (1:47 pm) : 

Anonymous - Coprophilia? That's just crap.

CJ - Yay! Yaxlich will keep himself amused for hours now. He sends very many thanks in your general direction.

Tish - Yaxlich is most pleased that the eldest Tishette enjoyed his little story. Perhaps the eldest Tishette should get her own blog and call it temporal sulcus?

AA - Yaxlich is his real name.

Annelisa - Yaxlich has written to the BBC to see if they want to commission it. He'll let you know.


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