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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Yaxlich isn't going to be around much over the next week so if you visit his blog and see he hasn't written anything, do not be alarmed. He hasn't stopped blogging or his hands haven't fallen off. He's just not here.

Play nicely.

Comments on "Away"


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (9:31 pm) : 

Awww Yaxlich, what will we do without you? I fear my week shall be that much sader for your absense! Have fun in the working man's world!


Anonymous hhh said ... (9:38 pm) : 

Sshhh. Yaxlich is not working.


Anonymous Ms Minx said ... (10:12 pm) : 

It will be a duller week without Yaxlich, but Ms Minx understands that a man has to do what a man has to do.


Blogger mad muthas said ... (11:01 pm) : 

i've started hyperventilating already. hurry back.


Blogger Sablonneuse said ... (8:36 am) : 

I'll miss Yaxlich too but hope that this week proves interesting and rewarding.


Blogger Wendz said ... (11:52 am) : 

Remember to change your undies every day.


Blogger Richard said ... (3:06 pm) : 

Perhaps you could invite guest bloggers as Anna did and we can then see what wry observations they can Yaxlichisize in a 3rd party writing stylee?


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (5:50 pm) : 

Have a good week Yaxlich. Glad the veg soupers saw some sense. Wise move to delay telling them about this week!


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (9:38 pm) : 

Iggy - Yaxlich will post a couple of times this week so don't be too upset.

HHH - Everybody should read your comment and remember this fact.

Ms Minx - Eat Toffo?

Mad Muthas - He's posted today. Is that OK?

Sablonneuse - Yaxlich hopes so too...

Wendz - He put on a special load last night which are now nicely aired.

Richard - Are you angling for the job?

Sally - He will tell them because he's an honest person but he figures that he'll leave it a few weeks...


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (10:28 pm) : 

That's good to know. I only manage to post a couple of times a week most of the time these days. I'm not sure anyone minds too much though.


Blogger Richard said ... (5:32 pm) : 

No - but I enjoy reading the comments posted by your regulars and can imagine them being very good and funny Yaxlichers in Yaxlich's absence.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (9:20 pm) : 

Iggy - This is because you are spending Yaxlich's (previously) hard earned tax money on furthering your education. Of course you wouldn't have time to write a blog in between studying.

Richard - Who do you think would make a good Yaxlich? Perhaps this is something we should ask people.


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