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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

Today is Valentines Day. Yaxlich only knows this because everyone kept asking him at work today whether he'd received any cards or phone calls or if he was going out for a romantic meal tonight.

The answer to all of the above is no.

Mr E and the AP have not gone out either. They're sitting in the kitchen having dinner at the moment and are showing no signs of leaving the flat. Yaxlich wonders whether agoraphobia is contagious.

He hopes they don't play nudey prod games later. He's very tired and doesn't want to hear them playing hide the sausage whilst he's trying to sleep.

Anyway, Yaxlich hopes that everyone is having a very nice Valentines Day and that they are spending it with someone special. When he says special, though, he doesn't mean someone sitting at the back of the bus licking the window.

Comments on "Valentines Day"


Anonymous sablonneuse said ... (8:46 pm) : 

So it's another week's ***k? Good for you, but hope you're not too tired. As for Valentine's Day there's no romance and no sex in this household either. Hope Yaxlich is not feeling too lonely.
Virtual hug coming through.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (8:52 pm) : 

Yaxlich might be getting some more regular work so he's keeping his fingers crossed he doesn't have to go to the VS place again.

The hug was very nice and well received.


Blogger john.g. said ... (9:42 pm) : 

Sit at the back of the bus! PAAH! Peasants. We don`t get buses here, and if we did i`d sit at the front, top deck.


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (9:53 pm) : 

The only reason Ignorminious noticed it was Valentines Day was because his local radio station were giving away a free divorce on the breakfast show.

Iggy didn't want it because he's not managed the getting together part yet :(


Blogger Ariel said ... (10:49 pm) : 

What's wrong with sitting at the back of the bus and licking the window? It's nice to snog one's reflection, isn't it?? Hello? Someone??? Hello?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:02 am) : 

Hey Y,

I've had this question for a while. Is it Yaxlich as in Yax'LICK' or as in Yax'litch' (rhymes with ditch and other words !!).

Please clarify !!

Happy VD, not in the sense of veneral diseases but otherwise !!

Hugs and Kisses !! -- Anon.


Blogger enid said ... (4:30 pm) : 

happy valentine's day for yesterday, yaxlich. enid hopes it was better than hers. as you're single, it probably was. enid's in a relationship, and so's her husband, but his is with a computer. she didn't get a valentine's card - she's not sure if the computer did.


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (2:33 am) : 

Sally got a valentines card, but hubby forgot to get her some flowers because flowers cost money. After breaking down and needing to spend lots of money on the car Sally mentioned that it was divine intervention for not giving flowers to your wife of 20 years on Valentines Day.

Sally now has flowers, but they arrived at the end of Valentines day.

Help! Why am I suddenly talking in the third person????!!!! Is it catching???


Blogger Quick said ... (2:58 am) : 

Window lickers need love too.


Anonymous margarette said ... (7:36 am) : 

it wouldnt be that bad. as long as we can still write about it...!


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (4:02 pm) : 

John G - Sitting at the front is the bestest place on a bus.

Iggy - A free divorce? Inspired.

Ariel - Yaxlich once got cuaght by his mummy kissing his own reflection on the TV screen. He was 8 at the time.

Anonymous - It's pronounced yacks-litch.

Enid - Yaxlich is sorry to hear about this. He hopes that your husband felt suitably ashamed to have spent VD with his computer and has made it up to you by now.

Sally - Third person speaking is the new black. Possibly.

Quick - This is very true.

Margarette - Ermm yes. Possibly.


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