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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blogger Smells Of Poo

Yaxlich just spent the last hour writing a post. It was a good one. Sadly you'll never read it because Blogger decided to eat it for no apparent reason.

Yaxlich hates Blogger. It smells of poo.

UPDATE: It also ate Zoes post too. It really is mean today.

Comments on "Blogger Smells Of Poo"


Blogger Jim McKee said ... (2:55 pm) : 

I write my posts in Notepad, then copy/paste them in to Blogger, and finally, do the mark-up such as bold, italics, and so on.


Blogger enidd said ... (3:11 pm) : 

it ate enidd's comment to your last post too. and it was probably the wittiest comment there's ever been in the whole world, ever.


Blogger Babs said ... (6:12 pm) : 

Yes, what Jim said.

And then, before you hit publish, copy the HTML-ified version, too. Because if you spent ages doing just that and you lose it, it will really irk you.

And if that happens?? Well. Poo is not the word you'll be using, let me tell you.


Anonymous tillylil said ... (6:18 pm) : 

wot a bummer!


Anonymous alcessa said ... (8:36 pm) : 

Alcessa ran away to Wordpress in December and she is really happy about it.


Blogger Ariel said ... (10:50 pm) : 

Blogger must be having digestive problems, evidently.


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (10:58 pm) : 

Stupid piece of crap. I'd switch to something better if I were you Yaxlich.

P.S can I borrow your clenchometer for a bit? My housemate is trying to freak me out by listening to me poo and now I can't go!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:41 am) : 

Keith and Wendy ran away from blogger too because Blogger was very naughty and rude and kept trying to change them into Nu-Bloggers.

Keith and Wendy


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:46 pm) : 

as was said. I write my posts in, like, word and save it. Then I cut and paste it in.

That same annoying american from several weeks ago.


Blogger Guyana-Gyal said ... (1:06 am) : 

To avoid the poo here's what I do...I have an offline [word] folder called Blog Posts. I write my posts there then copy, paste on Blogger.


Blogger Terra Shield said ... (5:17 am) : 

Sorry to hear about your post being eaten up by the big bad bully. Anyways, here's wishing Yaxlich's Blog a Happy Belated Birthday!


Anonymous tillylil said ... (8:30 pm) : 

now now no sulking.
If at first you don't succeed......


Blogger zoe said ... (10:56 am) : 

zoe used to write her posts in notepad but then blogger started behaving. until thursday, that is. fortunately, zoe's posts are never very long. zoe does, however, want to move to wordpress but can't on her own as she is a complete twit.


Anonymous sablonneuse said ... (1:05 pm) : 

Sorry, can't offer any advice on technical problems because I'm a complete idiot where computers are concerned.
However, I can express my disgust at Blogger for depriving us all of one of Yaxlich's posts. What have we missed?


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (4:02 pm) : 

I think it steals witty things and will later publish them under its own name. So we must all watch out and sue for copyright when we see our witty stuff being "owned" by Blogger!


Blogger Quick said ... (4:07 pm) : 

It's because of the dodgy red underpants.


Blogger Ricardipus said ... (4:52 pm) : 

Somehow I escaped the Blogger-Poo-woe thing.

Sounds like a Scaryduck story, doesn't it?

Anyhow, happy Bloggiversary - I know I missed it on the day, but that's just the way things are around here. Late as usual.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (5:03 pm) : 

Jim - This is a very sensible suggestion and one which Yaxlich will use in the future.

Enidd - You could always rewrite it although he also understands that sometimes the moment has gone.

Babs - Poo is one of the rudest words Yaxlich knows.

Tillylil - Indeed. Tabard.

Alcessa - Yaxlich likes the idea of WordPress but he's worried nobody will ever be able to find him again.

Ariel - He hopes his post gave Blogger the runs.

Iggy - Do you have wifi in your toilet?

Keith & Wendy - Yaxlich was very tempted to run away when it forced him to be a Nu-Blogger. He didn't but he's reconsidering now.

Anonymous - When were you previously an annoying American?

GG - You are much cleverer than Yaxlich. He will take a leaf out of your book. Don't worry, though, he'll leave plenty for you to use.

Terra - Yaxlich is grateful for the belated blog birthday wishes.

Zoe - Would you like to hold Yaxlich's hand and move with him?

Sablonneuse - It was a very funny post using graphs similar to Salvadores. It came up with a mathematical formula to work out whether Hugh Grants recent assault (alleged) of a paparazzi photographer was premeditated or not. Sadly the world will never know although he might scan in the sketch he did and post that some time.

Sally - That is the most logical explanation so far. Well done. Take a gold star on your way out.

Quick - They're not dodgy. They're comfy and practical.

Ricardipus - Birthday best wishes are well received at any time. Please feel free to leave them whenever you want to.


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (1:41 am) : 

Not at the moment actually. Currently we are using a proper wired in network, but for the benefit of the clenchometer I could switch to wifi.

.....or else wire the network in near the loo...


Anonymous rivergirlie said ... (2:24 pm) : 

another reason blogger smells of poo is that, increasingly, it won't let wordpress types (like me now - since it forced me onto new blogger) post comments at all! moving to wordpress wasn't hard at all - wyndham told me how.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (2:24 pm) : 

Iggy - Perhaps you could set up a games console in their too. Maybe the new one from Nintendo because then you could have a Wii in the toilet.

(Yaxlich is getting his coat)

Rivergirlie - Yaxlich is pleased that you managed to overcome the comment thingy. It wouldn't be the same without you.


Blogger Goo said ... (5:12 pm) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Goo said ... (5:14 pm) : 

not to mention comments. i'll spend several minutes writing an in-depth response, and i'll click post and many times it will disappear. its very disapointing.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:22 am) : 

Goo - That is so true. It normally happens to Yaxlich after he's replied to 20 comments with witty one liners. He then ends up writing a single comment that says "Thanks"...


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