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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tales From The Pant Drawer Part 3

Comments on "Tales From The Pant Drawer Part 3"


Anonymous mishima said ... (4:48 pm) : 

i am disappointed. clearly these pictures feature several socks.
pant drawer indeed! pah!


Blogger thegirl said ... (4:52 pm) : 

I'm liking those red ones...

And the Homer socks of course.


Blogger Eliza said ... (5:22 pm) : 

that's better


Blogger Katy Newton said ... (7:33 pm) : 

Is this art or blogumentary? I think that if you tidy the drawer before taking the picture, it is art, but if you don't, then (a) it is blogumentary and (b) you are very tidy.

I like defining things. Definitions are fun.


Blogger Ariel said ... (10:23 pm) : 

Ooh, this is getting interesting. Are the red pants the special, erm, pulling pants perhaps?


Anonymous anna said ... (11:17 pm) : 

Yaxlich. The folding. Have we had conversations about your sexuality before?

I seem to remember having...

Oh forget it.a


Blogger GBE said ... (9:19 am) : 

You have many many pants and socks, Yaxlich. Methinks you could keep at least twelve Yaxlichs in undergarments for about a week.


Anonymous Keith said ... (9:53 am) : 

Putting socks AND pants in the same drawer is just so "working class"!

The results could be disastrous if on a dark winter morning, you reached into the drawer to get a pair of pants without switching the light on, and you tried to pull a sock over your nether regions! The very least that could happen is that you would get a severe headache for the rest of the day, and the possibility of damaging your girlfriends wedding present is a very real danger!


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:45 am) : 

Mishima - Welcome to the World of Yaxlich. Yaxlich believes that after years of sock segregation and underpant apatheid that the time has come for both of them to live side by side.

The Girl - Yaxlich is pleased that you approve of the red ones. He's been getting flak from other folks about them.

Eliza - Welcome to the New (pant) Order.

Katy - Would it surprise you to know that this is the regular status of his underpant drawer?

Ariel - They are his Superman pants in case of emergency (i.e. there are no other clean pants left or a dam has broken and is threatening the surrounding villages).

Anna - If folding his underpants makes Yaxlich in someway less than heterosexual then slap his bum and call him Martha.

GBE - This is only thanks to the contributions to Pant Aid. Believe him when he says the drawer had previously resembled Old Mother Hubbards cupboard up until a month ago.

Keith - Why would putting a sock on his winky damage a toaster?


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (12:44 pm) : 

Wow I'm so relieved to see some colour there amongst the balck and the white! Good old Bart.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (1:21 am) : 

Sally - Don't tell anyone but Yaxlich has only paid for a black and white pant licence.


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