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Thursday, March 29, 2007

It All Becomes Clear

As many of you will know, Yaxlich was out of work for a long time and he was forced to attend the vegetable soup place. He didn't enjoy this experience one little bit and he was rather frustrated that it took him so long to find a job.

Yesterday he found out the reason why.

There was an article in the London Lite newspaper entitled "Don't let your blogs cost you a new job" where it reported that employers are Googling potential job candidates to find out personal information about them. It went on to give examples of jobseekers missing out on employment because their blogs featured "dubious personal information" including details of drunken nights out, criticisms of former managers and, in one case, topless photos.

Suddenly it all became clear. Potential employers had Googled Yaxlich and discovered things on his blog which led them to ignore his application. He can't be sure exactly what they found that put them off but he has a fair inkling.

Today he is off to the Citizens Advice Bureau to see if it is legal to discriminate against someone who suffers from Betty Swollocks.

Comments on "It All Becomes Clear"


Blogger john.g. said ... (3:39 pm) : 

Yes, it probably is, as your personal hygene is not up to scratch (which you would do with Betty Swollocks).


Anonymous sablonneuse said ... (4:29 pm) : 

Don't worry, no prospective employer would recognise you as long as you remember to speak in the first person.


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (5:38 pm) : 

How odd. I'd have thought this blog would encouraged people to employ you, not the other way round!


Blogger Guyana-Gyal said ... (7:18 pm) : 

They're on to you, they know you're earning from Pant Aid! Hide! Diguise those underpants!


Anonymous Keith said ... (8:32 pm) : 

Betty Swollocks is one thing, but is there a smell that would cause prospective employers to stagger backwards?


Anonymous Sim said ... (11:01 pm) : 

Oh bugger - where's the delete key?


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (1:32 am) : 

John G - Yaxlich didn't realise people could smell him on the internet.

Sablonneuse - He realised that people got confused by this in one of his earlier interviews. He didn't make the mistake again.

Iggy - It didn't prove to be the case for 6 months, sadly.

GG - He is currently disguising his underpants as household dusters. He hopes nobody notices the smell of Mr Sheen.

Keith - You and John are clearly spending too much time together.

Sim - Next to the any key.


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (9:04 am) : 

Bizarre isn't it? I think that perhaps people have too much time on their hands if they Google you before they employ you!!

Loved the Betty Swollocks post - had not found it before , because it was "pre" my blogging days - and will read more about the air hostess who was sacked. I've just been sacked from an amateur play as a result of my blog it turns out. That is REALLY PATHETICALLY sad. It wasn't even a job - even though when I get the opportunity I do do paid acting...................

More fool me me!! All the world's a stage, EXCEPT for when it isn't a stage for those who decide that it isn't....!!!

I must remember to wear the right perfume when I'm blogging though.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (1:42 pm) : 

Yaxlich is sorry to hear about this. He has been watching developments on your blog for a while and is disappointed to hear this news especially so soon after your accident.

He hopes that once you've recovered from your accident that you get a well paid theatre job and can turn round to the Bare Bones people and blow them a big raspberry.


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