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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Exciting Email

Yaxlich got an email from Lulu today. He really likes "Shout" and he'd been wondering what she was up to these days. It seems that the very clever Mike at Troubled Diva has been getting her to send out the copies of Shaggy Blog Stories because Lulu told Yaxlich that his copy has been shipped!

He is going to reply to Lulu and ask her for her autograph.

Comments on "Exciting Email"


Blogger f:lux said ... (10:22 pm) : 

Congratulations Yaxlich! On the book I mean. Don't be too disappointed when lulu just turns out to be a .com though - are you signing copies? :)


Blogger Scaryduck said ... (8:21 pm) : 

Lulu. Feh.

I preferred Petula Clarke.


Blogger eshop600 said ... (10:15 pm) : 

you are a mental


Anonymous Yaxlich said ... (12:12 am) : 

f:lux - "are you signing copies?" - only for deaf people.

Scaryduck - You made Yaxlich laugh a lot today.

Eshop600 - Yaxlich says hello to you too.


Anonymous rivergirlie said ... (10:40 pm) : 

wonder if lulu has a boyfriend?


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (3:46 pm) : 

Rivergirlie - She hasn't replied yet but when she does he will ask. It would be nice to be Lulu's boyfriend.


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