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Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Morning

Yaxlich spent the weekend pottering around the flat trying to get used to the idea that he is now a published writer. For obvious reasons, he hasn't mentioned his blog to Mr E or the agoraphobic Peruvian so couldn't share the news with them. He hasn't told any of his friends about his blog either and his mummy disapproves of him blogging.

According to his mummy, since he started blogging, Yaxlich is "no longer the sweet, innocent little boy that I carried for nine months" but a potty mouthed, cigarette smoking, bosom oggling, beer swilling layabout who spends all of his time on the computer.

For the life of him, he can't understand what has upset her so.

So, as a result, he didn't have anyone to share the news with. He's not due back to work until tomorrow and doesn't really think that he should tell anyone there either, especially not Tootsie*, so he's sharing the news with you here. On his blog. Where he feels comfortable enough to tell you anything.

Yaxlich ordered his copy of Shaggy Blog Stories yesterday and is very much looking forward to it arriving. So far it has raised over £1600 (US $3100) for charity which he thinks is an incredible amount of money in 3 days. Pant Aid only managed £5.63, a button and some trouser lint in over nine months.

In other news, Yaxlich caught up with his backlog of comments this morning. Whilst answering them, he came across a new commenter - Mr Farty! Yaxlich thinks he'll be right at home here.

Comments on "Monday Morning"


Blogger john.g. said ... (3:43 pm) : 

Yaxlich, Mr. Farty will be right at home here, of that i can promise. Good luck!


Anonymous billyboy & Mrsf said ... (3:52 pm) : 

Potty mouthed, cigarette smoking, bosom oggling, beer swilling layabout who spends all of his time on the computer. Whats wrong with that then. It could be worse you could be a politician.


Blogger thegirl said ... (5:24 pm) : 

I'm fine with the bosom ogling (as long as my head is turned and I am not speaking at the time), but cigarette smoking? Eugh. NO excuses for being a stink-mouth, sorry.


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (11:42 pm) : 

Maybe your Mum will aprrove more, now that you are published!!!


Blogger enidd said ... (8:13 am) : 

well done yaxlich! will enidd have to call you sir yaxlich now, like she has to call edvard sir edvard? she's glad she didn't get in now, sir enidd sounds silly.


Anonymous sablonneuse said ... (12:36 pm) : 

Well,I reckon I'm old enough to be your mother and you sound fairly normal to me - at least you haven't shocked me yet.
Why don't you dare tell your mum about the book? I'd be proud to have well known blogger for a som -especially one that makes me laugh.
Can't wait for the book to come. I bet you'll have even more visitors after that.


Anonymous sablonneuse said ... (12:39 pm) : 

Oh dear, I'm getting old and need the services of a proof reader. Sorry about errors. have A well known blogger for a SON.


Blogger Mr. X said ... (3:29 pm) : 

"potty mouthed, cigarette smoking, bosom oggling, beer swilling layabout who spends all of his time on the computer"
Hmm. Mr.X wonders if his mother would say exactly the same if she found out he is a blogger. And concludes it is quite probable, although he doesn't smoke.

Mr.X approves anyway and hope Yaxlich will continue to entertain us.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (7:20 pm) : 

John G - Yaxlich hasn't blogged about farting for a while. He thinks he might have to write a post for the new visitor.

B&MF - His mummy wanted him to be a politician when he grew up. This may be the reason why he never did.

The Girl - Yaxlich is trying to give up. Honest he is.

Sally - Yaxlich might still tell his mummy. He hasn't decided yet. It might cheer her up because she's not very well at the moment.

Enidd - You may call Yaxlich whatever you want so long as it isn't rude.

Sablonneuse - Yaxlich is very excited and looking forward to the book arriving too!

Mr X - Yaxlich wonders if there is a support group available for bloggers who come out?


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