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Shaggy Blog Stories
: a collection of amusing tales from the UK blogosphere.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Red Nose Day

Shaggy Blog Stories - A collection of 100 funny posts from UK bloggers raising money for Comic relief
100 bloggers have published a book to raise funds of the BBC's Comic Relief appeal on Friday 16th March.

'Shaggy Blog Stories' features hilarious contributions from Richard Herring of 'Fist of Fun' fame, BBC 6Music presenter Andrew Collins, comedian Emma Kennedy, and James Henry, scriptwriter from Channel Four's 'The Green Wing'.

Authors Abby Lee, David Belbin, Catherine Sanderson and The Guardian's Anna Pickard have also contributed pieces to the book.

The vast majority of contributions, however, are the work of many of the lesser known and unfamiliar heroes of British blogging; going under pen names such as Diamond Geezer, Scaryduck, Pandemian and Unreliable Witness.

Also contributing to 'Shaggy Blog Stories', and hoping to raise funds for the Comic Relief Appeal is a certain Yaxlich Blogspot.

The book is the idea of blogger Mike Atkinson who writes the 'Troubled Diva' weblog. 'Shaggy Blog Stories' features comic writing from not only the cream of British blogging, but also the best up-and-coming and undiscovered writers publishing their work on their own websites.

Giving himself a "ridiculously short" seven days from idea to finished product, Atkinson admitted that he was overwhelmed with the response, which gleaned over 300 submissions for publication.

With a pool of talented writers, and the latest publishing-on-demand technology, Shaggy Blog Stories bypasses the usual snail-paced publishing industry, and offers a mail order service to customers who will receive their finished copy within days of placing their order, and only a couple of weeks after the original idea.

"Blogging creates complex, worldwide networks of friendship and contacts on the internet", says journalist Alistair Coleman, one of Shaggy Blog Stories' contributors. "By creating a buzz about this book, we can reach out to hundreds, thousands of readers who'd be willing to part with a few quid for this very good cause. Mike's got some excellent writers on board here whose work deserves a wider audience. Everybody wins."

For details of how to order the book, visit

For the background story on the creation of Shaggy Blog Stories, take a look at

Comments on "Red Nose Day"


Anonymous sablonneuse said ... (4:52 pm) : 

Amazed no-one has commented yet! Yes, I have ordered a copy and am so pleased Yaxlich is represented.
Hope the job is going well and that you are not too tired at the weekends after all that drinking - er, sorry, working - you have to do.


Blogger Mr Farty said ... (1:15 am) : 

Where have you been all my life? I've bought the book too. Standing by the door waiting for it to arrive...waiting...waiting...


Blogger Milk & Two Sugars said ... (11:02 am) : 

MTS cannot believe that Yaxlich has a reader called Mr Farty!

Mr Farty: WOW - great name!


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:35 am) : 

Sablonneuse - Yaxlich too has ordered a copy and is looking forward to it arriving.

Mr Farty - Welcome, welcome, welcome! Yaxlich thinks you might like it here.

MTS - He knows! Isn't it great?


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