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Shaggy Blog Stories
: a collection of amusing tales from the UK blogosphere.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Shaggy Blog Stories

Many readers will already know about Shaggy Blog Stories. If you don't then you need to go over to read all about it here - Shaggy Blog Stories: a collaborative blog-stunt for Comic Relief.

For those too lazy to click on the link, Mike at Troubled Diva is looking to collate a book of blog posts by British writers and use it to raise money for Comic Relief. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 18:00 GMT and the book will be published on Friday.

Yaxlich submitted the Can't Sleep post, just so's you know.

Comments on "Shaggy Blog Stories"


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (7:50 pm) : 

Ignorminious is waiting to submit a post as well. Sadly, everyone on the interweb has ignored his request for help deciding whether or not any of his posts are actually funny.



Blogger Mr. X said ... (8:04 pm) : 

Mr.X is of the opinion that the 'Can't Sleep' post is a good choice.
Mr.X is however annoyed that this will probably reduce HIS chances of getting selected, but would like to blogroll Yaxlich if Yaxlich does not mind anyway.


Anonymous billyboy said ... (9:11 pm) : 


I cant sleep either cos the aliens steal my dreams. Bastards


Blogger Lizza said ... (4:10 am) : 

Oh, good one! That post was very funny.


Anonymous enidd said ... (5:41 am) : 

enidd's less than chuffed that you ignored her advice about which post to put in. that "can't sleep" one was too funny by half.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:25 am) : 

Iggy - Yaxlich had put that down on his things to do list. Is it too late now?

Mr X - You are more than welcome.

Billyboy - That happens to you too?

Lizza - Well the editor obviously thought so too!

Enidd - Yaxlich likes your extra d. It makes you look very sophisticated.


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