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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Moon Update #4

The moon now looks like an upside down croissant. This has made him think about his blogging friends in France - Petite Anglaise (even though she's in Morrocco at the moment), Wendz (even though her boobs are turning into melons), CJ (even though she has got problems with her foot) and Greenmantle (even though he might not be in France for much longer).

Watching lunar eclipses is fun. He's looking forward to telling all of his new work colleagues about it on Monday.

Work Colleague - So what did you get up to at the weekend, Yaxlich?
Yaxlich - Stayed in, drank beer, watched the lunar eclipse and blogged about it.
Work Colleague - Hmmm. (reaches into drawer) Have you read this health and safety manual yet?
Yaxlich (distracted) - No. Is this the new one covering the correct procedure for carrying coffee through the workplace?
Work Colleague (whispering into phone) - Security? Get to floor 3 NOW! We've got a nutter. Repeat. We have a nutter!

Comments on "Moon Update #4"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:29 am) : 

*Keith returns from pub, slightly pissed*

"Have I missed anything?" he says, "The beer was a bit off to-night and somebody pinched my crisps. The pub was practically empty. Everybody was outside moon-gazing"


Blogger CJ said ... (8:58 am) : 

Thanks for thinking of me and my croissant. This morning I am making the move out of here with the help of friends, obviously. I am glad you wrote the blow-by-blow of the moon because I totally forgot to even try to look. Sigh.


Blogger Wendz said ... (9:19 am) : 

Was there a lunar eclipse? Was Wendz supposed to look? Oh.

Wend'z boobs are still melony but it has nothing to do with the moon.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (6:25 pm) : 

Keith - You didn't miss much. The moon went a funny colour but that was pretty much it.

CJ - Where are you moving to?

Wendz - Melony. What a nice word.


Blogger Greenmantle said ... (10:49 pm) : 

Nice of Yaxlich to mention me as a friend. Greenmantle shall now puff out his chest, and read all the health and safety manuals in his current place of work as a tribute. He may even take them with him as litterature when he next goes for a poo...


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (7:43 pm) : 

Greenmantle - It is against health and safety to read the health and safety manuals whilst having a poo. This is the first thing you learn at health and safety school.


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