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Monday, February 19, 2007

Clever Yaxlich

In order to use the new Blogger, you need to log in using your Google account. This is all well and good but if you happen to have more than one Google account, it means that you have to keep logging in and out of them in order to function.

Yaxlich has two Google accounts. One he uses for Blogger and one he uses for other things including Google Reader. The move to new Blogger meant that he could no longer remain logged in to his own blog and peruse Google Reader at the same time. This was very frustrating.

Today Yaxlich installed Firefox and, as a result, has come up with a very clever solution. He has found that if you log in to Google using Firefox, you can log in to Google using another account via Internet Explorer.

This has pleased him greatly. Not only is Firefox a much better web browser than Internet Explorer but it means he can surf and play all at the same time.

February is great. He never wants it to end.

Comments on "Clever Yaxlich"


Blogger Lainey said ... (10:44 pm) : 

I'd have to agree with you about Firefox, I've used it constantly since they installed Thunderbird on my Mac at work (also from Mozilla). The new Internet Explorer looks a bit like a cheap copy ;-)


Blogger Wendz said ... (10:45 pm) : 

Yaxlich is a very clever boy. Wendz is bowled over at his cunning. Yaxlich will go far in life.


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (10:48 pm) : 

Ignorminious is glad that he doesn't use Google Reader or Blogger. They both sound far too complicated for their own good!


Blogger Day in bed said ... (11:36 pm) : 

Smarty pants. I'm just jealous.


Blogger Lizza said ... (1:55 am) : 

I, too, find Firefox to be better than IE.

Yaxlich is clever in addition to being witty. I'm glad February is coming along excellently for him.


Blogger enid said ... (2:20 am) : 

has yaxlich noticed that february has fewer days than any other month. it seems a bit unfair, since it's his best favourite. perhaps he could go on till february 31st this year, and then start march on the 4th?


Anonymous sablonneuse said ... (12:15 pm) : 

Although I was born too soon to fully understand what Yaxlich is talking about I'm pleased it went well. Surely this February happiness will last over into March. I do hope so.


Blogger mad muthas said ... (12:32 pm) : 

damnit yaxlich - you're cunning!


Blogger Goo said ... (1:58 pm) : 

goo did this clever thing: used the same google acccount for both his reader and his blogger! it works pretty slick.


Blogger Jim McKee said ... (4:07 pm) : 

Good job, Yax. Firefox rocks!!


Anonymous Sim said ... (7:55 pm) : 

Sim had a lot of rewading to catch up on so in one comment box - well bloody done for getting a job Yaxlich! Make your mark and make them love you.

And yes - blogger is starting to peeve me off as well. It took me an age to let a mere independent blogger to log in and leave a comment. Gah!I hate having to think at the end of a day...


Blogger Ariel said ... (10:27 pm) : 

There is nothing a little technogeekery cannot solve! Yaxlich is indeed very clever, probably even brilliant.


Blogger f:lux said ... (10:17 pm) : 

Hello Yaxlich, and guess what? Mr Slim over in New Orleans has now trumped us both with the fantasic googlie

'A woman crushes toy cars under her butt'

I have no idea how to do the linky thing in haloscan (sorry) so y'all just have to go here

I think this beats mine now, no?


Blogger zoe said ... (12:57 pm) : 

yaxlich is a very clever boy, and zoe is amazed at his cleverness, especially as zoe is so computer illiterate that she had to ask her thirteen year-old son to print something out for her today. zoe dispairs at her idiocy.


Anonymous Nonny said ... (2:43 pm) : 

All work and no blogging makes Yaxy a very dull boy.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (4:22 pm) : 

Lainey - Yaxlich has never owned a Mac but he likes the sound of having Thunrderbirds. It used to be his favourite TV show.

Wendz - Sometimes Yaxlich is so cunning that he wears a tail and calls himself a fox.

Iggy - Google Reader is a very good way of keeping up to speed with blog feeds. Even if it is owned by Big G.

Day In Bed - It's less smarty pants, more smarting pants. Yaxlich is looking forward to buying less chafing variations.

Lizza - February got better today because it's your birthday.

Enid - Yaxlich thinks that an alternative solution for 2008 would be to lop off 3 days from January.

Sablonneuse - Morrissey once sang that every day was like Monday. Yaxlich hopes that every day will be like February.

Mad Muthas - See fox related response above.

Goo - With hindsight, that would have been a better solution. However Yaxlich cannot see with his hind.

Jim - Yaxlich has fallen in love with Firefox in a way that is probably illegal in some countries.

Sim - Yaxlich is pleased to see your happy, smiling face in his comments box again.

Ariel - Brilliant. Yaxlich likes the sound of that.

F:lux - Women crushing toys with their bottoms is impressive although, in his experience, an accident waiting to happen. He believes your RHPS Googlie is still the one to aim for.

Zoe - But has Todd ever won a Bloggie?

Nonny - Yaxlich hopes he hasn't become dull. That would make him a grown up and everything.


Blogger Z said ... (6:06 pm) : 

I do that too, but with Safari and Firefox as I do not regard Internet Explorer as worth using. Also, it isn't available for Macs any more (but I didn't use it even when it was as it was a bit rubbish).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:04 am) : 

Keith thinks that Yaxlich is very talented if he can surf and play at the same time, but what happens if Yaxlich falls off the surf-board?

Keith is not so clever. He has been trying for years to play the Hammond organ and the drums at the same time and he always fails miserably.



Blogger Yaxlich said ... (2:46 pm) : 

Z - Internet Explorer will go the way of the Dido. Or is it the Dodo? Either way, it won't be around for much longer.

Keith - Trying to play with your organ and drums at the same time must be very difficult indeed.


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