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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part 3

February is turning into a very good month indeed. Yaxlich had a phone call on Friday afternoon confirming that he is starting a new job on the 26th. It's not a very exciting job. He gets to sit on the telephone helping people with problems.

It's not the Samaritans, before you ask.

He is very much looking forward to telling the vegetable soup people that he won't be seeing them anymore. He'll miss Mrs Eyebrows but he's very excited about the prospect of the pant purchasing power that this new job brings.

In other news, Yaxlich hopes to start posting regularly again over the next few days. He's sorry that he hasn't been writing every day like he normally does but he's still busy not working on something else.

Happy weekend everyone!

Comments on "Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part 3"


Blogger Z said ... (5:22 pm) : 

Hooray for February! Congratulations to Yaxlich and I hope that his telephone is not too knobbly and very enjoyable to sit on.


Blogger john.g. said ... (5:44 pm) : 

Well done Yaxlich, im glad you liked the fart video. Don`t sit on the phone for too long, you wont hear it ringing!


Blogger eclectech said ... (8:08 pm) : 

Hooray! Congratulations Mr Yaxlich, and I hope your new pants give you much joy.


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (9:05 pm) : 

Ah well done Yaxlich! Am mucho impressed :) Welcome back to the world of work, I hope it is everything you hoped for.


Blogger The Wrath of Dawn said ... (9:35 pm) : 

Yay for Yaxlich! Pants power is nothing to sneezed at.


Blogger Wendz said ... (10:04 pm) : 

Lovely. Very pleased for you. Do you have to use a posh voice?


Blogger mad muthas said ... (10:48 pm) : 

great start to the year (we're still not counting january, right?)


Blogger Milk & Two Sugars said ... (9:42 am) : 

MTS congratulates Yaxlich heartily and wishes him well on the pants front. This week she put holes in 3 pairs of her own underwear - solidarity again, 'ey?

MTS thinks Yaxlich will be a very good telephone answering person, although she thinks he will find it hard to sit at a computer all day not blogging, but knowing his friends and fans are eagerly waiting for him to post...


Blogger ZaPaper said ... (9:59 am) : 

remembering a post of yours from long ago: i kid you not, i just got the following test letters for finding out of if the commenter is a real person:


I don't even need you to tell me what that means!


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (10:36 am) : 

Congrats Yaxlich!!!!

That's great news!!



Anonymous sablonneuse said ... (10:43 am) : 

Pleased to hear your news. Are you going to tell us in which field you are offering advice or could you risk being dooced?
Anyway, hope your job brings you satisfaction and lots of new friends.


Anonymous alcessa said ... (1:42 pm) : 

Beautiful! Pity though, that blogging is not a profession - no?


Blogger Goo said ... (1:51 pm) : 

well we do what have to to get those little green pieces of paper.


Blogger enid said ... (2:11 pm) : 

well done yaxlich! what a fab feb fit's turning out to be.

are you going to buy special working pants for the office?


Anonymous hhh said ... (4:33 pm) : 

Looking on the very shiny brightside, have you met all your new work colleagues yet? Apparently the majority of people now meet their partners at work - so an excellent reason to get some nice new pants!


Blogger Lizza said ... (5:23 pm) : 

Also, Yaxlich will soon be able to buy new books! Congratulations!


Blogger Ariel said ... (5:44 pm) : 

Well done Yaxlich! Hurray for the Prince of Pants! If the job proves tedious, Yaxlich can always go on holiday in his own mind and dream of new pants... or soggy twiglets. By the way, might Yaxlich consent to being blogrolled chez Ariel?


Blogger CJ said ... (7:19 pm) : 

Hoorah virtual party from all the virtual world!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:51 pm) : 


Nonny is very pleased Yaxlich will be able to afford new pants, especially as the warmer weather is coming (hopefully) but hopes that all this work malarky will not make Yaxy too tired to blog as Nonny has been missing daily World of Yaxlich.


Blogger mad muthas said ... (8:34 pm) : 

must just share the joyous news of my best googlie today - i came top for 'the wrinkliest tits ever'


Blogger Day in bed said ... (4:37 am) : 

Congrats! But oh, the mornings. A new pair of pants will give you something to get out of bed for.


Blogger Huw said ... (4:52 pm) : 

Well done chappy, it's not nice feeling like you are in that rut. Soon enough though, the non-working rut gets replaced by the working rut...


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (10:34 pm) : 

Z - Ha Ha! Yaxlich hadn't consider that when he wrote the sentence. He's obviously losing his touch...

John G - See above.

Eclectech - New pants will bring him great joy indeed. There are only so ways you can wear one pair before they need a wash.

Iggy - It's not a dream job but it is a job.

Dawn - His current pants would make anyone sneeze. He's looking forward to fresh ones. Ones without the go faster stripes on them.

Wendz - Yaxlich has been known to speak in a posh voice from time to time. He's not proper posh, though.

Mad Muthas - Did January happen this year?

MTS - Yaxlich is fairly certain that he will find time to blog. For research purposes of course.

Zapaper - Mmmm...boubis...

Sally - Indeed. Yaxlich might even have a beer to celebrate. Don't tell his mummy, though.

Sablonneuse - Yaxlich will keep the specifics of the job under his hat for exactly that reason. What would be the fun in starting a new job and not be able to blog about it?

Alcessa - Some people make a living from blogging but, sadly, Yaxlich is not one of them. There doesn't seem to be too much monetary reward in blogging about farts.

Goo - This is very true. The lamp post on the corner of the road was looking tempting for a while.

Enid - Yaxlich thinks he will spend the money he got from Pant Aid on some special work pants. This is a very good idea.

HHH - He did manage to have a peek at some of his soon-to-be-colleagues. He spotted one or two fine looking ladies. This pleases him greatly.

Lizza - Strangely enough Yaxlich got the phone call confirming the job as he was walking round a book shop. He is looking forward to returning with a large wad of cash and restocking his library.

Ariel - Yaxlich did get your email. He is planning on changing the format of his links so will drop you a line once he knows what he's going to do. He thanks you for asking, though.

CJ - Yaxlich will have a virtual drink, then.

Nonny - He's missed blogging every day too. He'll definitely try to post every day again soon.

Mad Muthas - Clearly Google hadn't met the stripper who 'entertained' the crowd at his local pub the other week. She should have ironed hers before she came out.

Day In Bed - Mornings are not Yaxlich's friend but for book and pant money, he's prepared to make the effort.

Huw - Yaxlich thanks you for your words of wisdom and for keeping his feet firmly on the ground.


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