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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The World Is Going Mad

Yaxlich has just read an article on the BBC website where a Christian lobby group suggests that people only wear a red poppy to be politically correct and that wearing one is 'less Christian' because it "suggests the idea that our soldiers died for freedom but that's not a value-free position".

Yaxlich wears a red poppy not because it's politically correct. Not because it is less Christian. Not because it is glorifying war.

He wears one out of respect and in memory of the thousands of men and women who have died so that he CAN wear one.

Comments on "The World Is Going Mad"


Blogger Tish said ... (10:18 pm) : 

Tish thinks Yaxlich wearing his poppy is a lovely thing.

Tish also thinks that the Christians didn't learn anything from their historical encounters with the lions. That's furry manely lions, not rugby-playing manly Lions. Tish thought she should make that clear.


Anonymous Sim said ... (11:21 pm) : 

See! That's what happens when you get a bunch of Catholics, Methodists, Anglicans and happy clappies in the same room. That and tea for the vicar.

I've bought five poppies so far - mainly as I keep losing them because I can't use the pins as they always stab me in the lady lumps - I may even start using gaffa tape instead


Blogger Wendz said ... (7:36 am) : 

Even though Yaxlich is a very funny blogger he clearly has a serious side to him. That is good. Go Yaxlich.

Yaxlich must wear his poppy with pride.

Yaxlich's WV is being naughty again. It says titfgxbut. WV likes tits and butts. Clearly.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (2:03 pm) : 

Yaxlich doesn't want to get too involved in the whole religion thing but he does think that sometimes these people simply don't think about the impact their words may have on people.

Perhaps Sim needs to be a bit more careful when attaching her poppy. Maybe using gaffa tape to hold her lady lumps might help too.

Wendz is correct when she says that Yaxlich has a serious side to him although he rarely lets people see it on his blog because he got told off once for posting something serious so he tries not to anymore but sometimes he just can't help it and he thinks this might be one of the longest sentences he has ever typed.


Blogger Wendz said ... (4:54 pm) : 

Yaxlich needs to learn that when people tell you off for blogging about things they don't like then it's the perfect time to do a mental 'up yours, mate' and continue writing whatever you want.

That was an awesome sentence you strung together.

ha ha ha wv says owankc


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (5:11 pm) : 

Yaxlich thinks that his Word Verification sees Wendz coming and deliberately makes up rude words for her.

The WV for his comment, for example, is dvimfex which, as everyone knows, is a cleaning product from Algeria. If Wendz was commenting, though, it would have been something like "winky" or "boob".


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