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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Nicholas Parsons played the narrator in Rocky Horror Picture Show. That is why he is wearing stockings. Possibly.Yaxlich has got a song stuck in his head and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot get rid of it. This happens a lot to him. For whatever reason, random songs fly into his head and then remain in there for days, buzzing around his skull and keeping him awake at night.

Once he had the theme tune to Sale Of The Century in his head for four days running. After the second day, he sat down and watched the quiz stations on the TV to try to replace it with something else but to no avail. Strike It Lucky made a valiant attempt but visions of Nicholas Parsons in stockings soon filled his head once more and SOTC remained firmly entrenched.

The worst thing about the whole sorry incident was that Sale Of The Century stopped broadcasting in the early 80's and, as far as he could recall, Yaxlich had not seen it since so why was it in his head? Where had it come from? Where did it go? Where had it come from, Cotton Eye Joe?

Anyway, the song currently stuck in Yaxlich's head is All I Want For Christmas Is You. Not the Mariah Carey version but the one from Love Actually. It has been in his head on and off for the last month or so. Ever since Love Actually was on the TV before Christmas.

Yaxlich has tried everything short of trepanning to get this song out of his head but he can't. He thinks this may be tied in with the nose bleed he had the other day. Perhaps the pressure of listening to this sickly song caused the nose goblins to revolt.

Comments on "Songs"


Blogger Wendz said ... (1:35 pm) : 

Oh that happens to me all the time..I currently have 'You are my sunshine' whizzing through my brain...and singing it out aloud does NOT get rid of it, it just reinforces the bloody thing....hadn't thought about trepanning though..sounds painful.


Blogger Billy & MrsF said ... (3:08 pm) : 

Have you tried the samaritans or maybe St Gerrard the patron saint of lost causes.
Anything has to be batter than what you are going through.


Blogger john.g. said ... (9:01 pm) : 

Try, "Always look on the bright side of life". (whistle,whistle, etc).


Anonymous Goo said ... (10:10 pm) : 

yaxlich, i have just the answer that you are looking for. this used to happen to me all the time, until i began to listen to really heavy music.

the method to use when removing an annoying jingle from one's head is to bash it out with unbelievably heavy music. the key, though, is to be rather unfamiliar with the music so you cannot understand any of the lyrics. to me, the lyrics always catch and bring the tune along with them. remove the lyrics, remove the problem.

for this to be effective, very heavy music at a load volume is required. (standard computer speakers may or may not be up to the challenge: it depends upon the case.) for severe trauma inflicted by an annoyingly catchy tune, an extended length of time may be required.

recommended bands for this type of procedure:


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (12:40 am) : 

I once did a 12 hour shift at Waitrose with Up Town Girl playing on a loop in my head. Until this happens to you, you cannot know what hell really is.

I find the only way to cure the problem is to download the track in question and listen to it on repeat until it is out of your system. It is for this reason that I've spent many years looking for the lap dancing scenes from I'm Alan Partridge.

Help Me!


Anonymous Milk & 2 Sugars said ... (6:32 am) : 

MTS has the unfortunate displeasure of being stuck in a room with an ex-choir girl who insists on singing this song - every day since December the third.

Only one thing has got rid of it: Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Blogger Sablonneuse said ... (11:55 am) : 

I reckon this happens to most people to a greater or lesser extent. It's even worse if someone in the house hums or sings the same tune over and over- perhaps without realising it.


Anonymous Caroline the Insignificant said ... (12:22 pm) : 

Spent 3 days before Christmas with "Sunshine on Leith" by The Proclaimers stuck in my head.
Which I thought was good going as I don't have the record, have probably only heard it once on the radio and only know the first two lines.


Anonymous Greenmantle said ... (6:19 pm) : 

Milk & 2 sugars: Did Rocky Horror Pcture show get rid of the tune, the choir girl, or both?

I just sing the song out loud when it hapens, and try to enjoy. Things have less potential to be annoying when you enjoy them, and they go away. It's like little sisters...


Blogger Huw said ... (10:36 pm) : 

Hmmm. If you can smell unexplained burning, you might have a stroke coming. Don't worry about it though.


Anonymous Milk & 2 Sugars said ... (10:26 am) : 

Greenmantle: Rocky Horror got rid of the tune. Unfortunately, Rocky Horror then got stuck in MTS' head, but at least it's an entire soundtrack and not one song, with one refrain, over and over again. MTS has also had fun giggling over Susan Sarrandon's "Touch Me" song.

The choir girl stopped singing 'All I Want For Christmas' today. I won't say what she's moved on to for fear of it getting stuck in the heads of all Yaxlich's readers.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:34 am) : 

Wendz - Yaxlich suggests that trepanning should only be considered as a last resort and only - ONLY - if the song stuck in your head is anything by Jason Donovan. Or Cliff Richard.

B&MF - Yaxlich has found a temporary cure. Guinness.

John G - Yaxlich is reaching for his 'Monty Python Sings' CD as he types.

Goo - This is most excellent advice and Yaxlich will consider going down this route next time.

Iggy - Yaxlich fears that you are beyond help. The post traumatic stress disorder bought on by 12 hours of Billy Joel is, sadly, beyond anything even MTS could prescribe.

MTS - Hullo. Yaxlich was just talking about you.

Sablonneuse - This happened to Yaxlich at Christmas. His mummy was humming some awful Cliff Richard song. It was not nice.

Caroline - Welcome and thanks for sharing your traumatic experience. By sharing it with others, you relieve part of the burden.

Greenmantle - This is fine if you know all the words. What happens when it's an instrumental a la Sale Of The Century?

Huw - Yaxlich hasn't had a stroke in ages. *sigh*

MTS - Yaxlich will follow your advice and should he ever be stuck in a room with a 12 year old choir girl, he will start singing 'Sweet Transvestite' at the top of his lungs and do all the actions too. This will remove the little girl fairly quickly. Soon to be replaced by either angry father or the police.


Blogger eclectech said ... (3:32 pm) : 

Hello Yaxlich. This happens to me a lot too. This cartoon expresses it very well for me.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (5:52 pm) : 

Hullo Ecelectech. Yaxlich really likes your little picture. It's funny. It's almost like an old home video of Yaxlich when he was smaller than he is now.


Blogger eclectech said ... (3:50 am) : 

Aw, thank you. His name is Jeremy. He is slightly bigger here, but probably not as big as Yaxlich.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (2:04 pm) : 

Eclectech - Yaxlich was looking at your blog over the weekend. It made him giggle.


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