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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


For the benefit of John G, here is the Wikipedia definition of a mojo:

Mojo is a term commonly encountered in the African-American folk belief called
hoodoo. A mojo is a small bag, a type of magic charm, often of red flannel cloth
and tied with a drawstring, containing botanical, zoological, and/or mineral
curios, petition papers, and the like. It is typically worn under clothing.

Yaxlich is glad to have been of assistance.

Comments on "Mojo"


Blogger john.g. said ... (3:50 pm) : 

My red undies! I wondered where those buggers had gone!! Phew!


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (4:34 pm) : 

Two posts in two days! I think your blogging mojo may have returned after all :)

Either that or you stole bastard!


Blogger Guyana-Gyal said ... (6:30 pm) : 

You've found your mojo again? Where was it? Under the red undies?


Blogger The Wrath of Dawn said ... (11:23 pm) : 

That's exactly what my mojo looks like. Has any one seen it?


Blogger meredic said ... (2:22 pm) : 

I am very glad to see that your muse seems to be on the rise. The Blogging universe is a little less shiny when your corner has no light on.


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (2:37 pm) : 

That's interesting! Thank you.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:35 pm) : 

Being a pagan myself, Keith carries things around in a little bag. One never knows what evil one is going to come across next!



Anonymous tillylil said ... (8:08 pm) : 

Where does Yaxlich wear his mojo?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:52 pm) : 

This explains why we should not trust wikipedia.


Anonymous sablonneuse said ... (12:45 pm) : 

Yaxlich has gone very quiet again: I haven't seen any of his witty comments on my other favourite blogs either. Does this mean he has stopped reading posts as well as writing them.
I hope this is a sign of him leading a full and exciting life. If not it could be a symptom of tiredness or depression.
Dear Yaxlich, just reassure us you are OK.


Anonymous rivergirlie said ... (7:41 pm) : 

c'mon! post! i don't see why you should have a life when the rest of us don't appear to.


Anonymous KT said ... (12:59 pm) : 

I took an irrational dislike to someone I met the other day purely because he was peruvian. Since I am not normally given to racial prejudice my friend asked me what was going on and I replied "because the AP cursed Yaxlich and made him lose his mojo". My friend seemed pleased to know I am not actually racist but thinks I'm completely mad instead.

I forgave the poor peruvian guy in the end. But only after he assured me he knew no Incan curses.


Blogger Guyana-Gyal said ... (8:53 pm) : 

Hellooo Yaxlich, we'll even read about poo if you write again, yoo hoo...


Anonymous H said ... (11:00 pm) : 

Mr. Mojo Risin', Mr. Mojo Risin'
Mr. Mojo Risin', Mr. Mojo Risin'
Got to keep on risin'
Mr. Mojo Risin', Mr. Mojo Risin'
Mojo Risin', gotta Mojo Risin'
Mr. Mojo Risin', gotta keep on risin'
Risin', risin'
Gone risin', risin'
I'm gone risin', risin'
I gotta risin', risin'
Well, risin', risin'
I gotta, wooo, yeah, risin'
Woah, ohh yeah


Blogger meredic said ... (9:43 am) : 

No mention of this post in the papers this morning.


Anonymous Keith said ... (1:30 am) : 

Has Yaxlich dropped off the edge of the world? Keith would like to know all about his latest adventures, because Keith is a boring old git who gets his kicks by reading Yaxlichs blog. Sad isn't he? Yaxlich I mean, not k


Anonymous Sim said ... (9:17 pm) : 

Methinks we may have to find the fat bastard and steal Yaxlich's mojo back for him....


Anonymous Keith said ... (3:59 pm) : 

Aw, c'mon Yaxlich, stop playing silly sods and get blogging again, or I'll have to send the heavy mob round.


Anonymous tillylil said ... (1:36 pm) : 

Me too. I am really missing Yaxlich's blog. I haven't got a life either!!


Blogger Jim McKee said ... (5:17 pm) : 

Yax, we miss you!!


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (7:50 pm) : 

I miss the days when Yaxlich was unemployed and free to blog ten times a day!


Blogger meredic said ... (5:09 am) : 

26th June
Meredic is wondering if he could start a campaign. He wonders if it would be possible to keep this blog (ooh hey a non Microsoft word) alive. Every day the first visitor to this comment box could add a third person post. Mind you, Meredic’s humour bone is third rate compared to Yaxlich. Perhaps his idea is a load of poo.


Anonymous Nonny said ... (9:50 am) : 

Nonny is still clicking on Yaxi's blog every day (sometimes twice a day) that is a lot of clicking for no reward.
Nonny thinks Yaxi needs a kick up the Jaxi.


Blogger Ariel said ... (1:13 pm) : 

Witchery! Witchery! Burn Yaxlich at the stake... he of little bloggy inclination. [I know, I cannot exactly complain, having disappeared for a long time myself]


Anonymous KT said ... (12:37 pm) : 

27th June
KT is wondering if Meredic's campaign will work since 3rd person comments will sadly not replicate the inimitable Yaxlich.


Anonymous Brian said ... (6:06 am) : 

Brian would like to remind Yaxlich that it is difficult to lurk around on his blog when it is not updated at least twice a day...

*starts doing a little dusting*


Blogger Guyana-Gyal said ... (1:46 pm) : 

I'm getting concerned here...


Blogger Badger said ... (8:40 am) : 

Has Yaxlich got himself a ladyfriend?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:07 am) : 

My word verification is "aabch" which is the sound of me screaming because Yaxlich hasn't posted in 4 weeks.


Anonymous H said ... (12:17 am) : 


Have you got it together with Mrs Eyebrows? Are you struggling with how to blog that in the third person?


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (2:16 pm) : 

Yaxlich would like to thank Brian for doing the dusting whilst he's been away. The smell of Mr Sheen is somehow comforting.


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