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Monday, September 03, 2007

Overrun By Loonies

It would appear that the comment section on Yaxlich's previous post was overrun by loonies. He has now deleted the offending comment and apologises to anyone who read it. He thinks that some people are very sad indeed.

In other news, he would like to assure people that he is still alive although suffering from an almighty bout of blogstipation.

Comments on "Overrun By Loonies"


Anonymous sablonneuse said ... (4:39 pm) : 

Don't worry Yaxlich, the main thing is that you are well and happy. But I hope you find a suitable laxative soon.


Blogger meredic said ... (6:18 pm) : 

Work it out with a pencil and paper dear fellow...


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (12:42 am) : 

That must hurt.

Just bite your lip and give it hell!


Blogger headless chicken said ... (11:18 am) : 

Hello Yaxlich
Was curious due to being a regular reader of Publog. Blogstipation is a bastard isn't it?....I suffer from it too, quite often.
re the sheep bisiness in your last post. The dutchman would love it where I live....Sheep just wander the roads with not getting squashed by the odd tractor or local boy-racer in his souped-up nova being the only things to worry about. (The sheep have right of way over traffic here) Oh what heaven for the dutchman....all those sheep touting for business!!!:o


Anonymous tillylil said ... (7:43 pm) : 

piles and constipation - poor Yaxlich.


Anonymous Sim said ... (7:50 pm) : 

Blogstipation - sounds painful.

I find a big greasy fry up or a kebab helps. That and several beers. Just place the keyboard in front of you and then wince at the spelling in the morning

Good to see you've popped back!


Anonymous Brian said ... (7:19 am) : 

Yax you have to take this blogstipation to mat. Show it who is boss if you will...

Just bite down on an old leather strap and push!

Oh, and try not to be one of the hundreds of people who die each year while sitting on the hopper.


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (7:46 pm) : 

Glad you're back Yax!!

I missed the Dutch post.......sorry. I thought you were still blogstipated. But you're back now. That's what matters. The thing to do is to just write. I had the same problem a couple of weeks back and left the longest gap ever between posts. I posted some pix instead, which was a real cheat, as told to me by my daughter. Having left a gap, it took quite some courage to get going again. But I got there eventually, and so will you. We all miss you. You were one of my daily laughs. Don't disappear again Yax....


Blogger Naomi said ... (12:24 am) : 

Ah, just relax and it will come.


Blogger ChrisB said ... (2:05 pm) : 

Hi Yaxlich You don't know me but I'm a lurker on you highly amusing blog.
I just wanted to let you know I've tagged you as when I needed a blog with a 'Y" you immediately came to mind. I do hope you aren't offended and you certainly don't need to respond unless you are 'moved' to do so!!


Blogger Wendz said ... (11:10 pm) : 

Well at least you're still breathing...that's something good in a shitty world.


Anonymous John G's friend said ... (4:16 pm) : 

Where the hell is Yaxlich? He was only going to the toilet... he's been in there a long time.


Anonymous john g's ex-friend said ... (4:18 pm) : 

Oh, sorry, I thought he said CONstipation!


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (5:15 pm) : 

Sablonneuse - Bad Eurovision Song Contest entries appear to be the current choice of laxative.

Meredic - The old constipated mathematician gag, eh? Yaxlich approves.

Iggy - Not as much as having "One Step Further" stuck in his head.

Headless Chicken - Is it possible to detect which of the sheep are "up for it" or not? Yaxlich is curious.

Tilylil - Add frustrated to the list

Sim - Is that popped or pooped?

Brian - People die on Space Hoppers?

Sally - Does this mean that you had a Dutch recap?

Naomi - Relaxing and letting it come would have been less painful than 1982 songs in the head.

Chris B - Yaxlich is pleased to see that he is #1 in the "Blogs beginning with Y" category. He hopes they have a big awards ceremony and everything.

Wendz - Breathing is good. Yaxlich recommends it to everyone.

John G's Various Acquaintances - This was actually one of Yaxlich's whistle stop trips to the toilet.


Blogger Ricardipus said ... (6:55 pm) : 

I would like to propose "blogstipation" as the best.word.ever.

And "bloggorhea" as the opposite.

That is all.


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