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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dona Nobis Pacem

November 7 2006 is the first BlogBlast For Peace day. Dona Nobis Pacem is Latin (a language a lot of dead people used to speak) for Grant Us Peace.

The idea for Dona Nobis Pacem came from Mimi Lenox in America, where they also have the internet. Mimi is a regular reader of Yaxlich's blog and he thinks that her idea to set aside one day to post a single message of peace across the internet is a brilliant one.

Yaxlich hasn't become a tree hugging hippy overnight. He doesn't think that war and conflict will stop just because he has posted a picture of the world on his blog with some Latin words. He's not going to grow dreadlocks, stop washing, start eating Quorn, call himself Swampy and live in a tent next to the A34. What he does hope, though, is that it will make people stop and think.

In four days time it is Armistice Day. Eighty eight years ago, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the guns stopped firing in the fields of Europe. They said it was the war to end all wars.

It wasn't.

Yaxlich may be a little slow and a bit naive but even he knows that a few hundred people posting the same message across the internet isn't going to stop war and conflict. What it might do, though, is make people stop and think. That's all he asks.

Maybe next year a few hundred will become a few thousand. Maybe the year after it will be tens of thousands. Maybe the year after a million. Who knows?

Yaxlich has added a Technorati tag to his post. By adding a tag it makes his post more visible to the readers of the 55 million blogs listed on Technorati. If everyone taking part in BlogBlast For Peace added the same tag, it would make it's way onto the front page of Technorati. To get the HTML code, visit this page and click "Add this tag to your posts".

Technorati Tag:

Comments on "Dona Nobis Pacem"


Blogger Lizza said ... (3:54 am) : 

It's a great idea, and it made me think too. I enjoyed Yaxlich's post, and I appreciate that factoid about Armistice Day.

Yaxlich's Technorati tag idea is a great way to spread the word about Dona Nobis Pacem.


Blogger y.Wendy.y said ... (7:34 am) : 

I have to dash off to work - bugger - but will read this agin later and think about the technorati tag.

Good post Yaxlich.


Blogger Annelisa said ... (8:36 am) : 

Yaxlich has dreams. And in them he saw a different world. Yaxlich's writing moves one to say 'nice one!'


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:41 pm) : 

Yaxlich..great post and I hope you do not mind I have linked you in my peace post about the technorati tag..great idea, just one more way to get the message heard..thanks..m


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (3:12 pm) : 

Yaxlich hopes that everyone is adding the tag to their posts.

Lizza - Yaxlich is a mine of useful/less information.

Wendz - Yaxlich looks forward to reading your unique views when you return from work. He has a vague recollection of that word.

Annelisa - Yaxlich liked your poem very much. He equally says 'nice one'.

Madd - not a problem at all.


Blogger y.Wendy.y said ... (4:39 pm) : 

I have no unique views...sadly I am a cliche...

But..peace in our time? Gah!

*snorts and leaves*


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:10 pm) : 

Dear Yaxlich!

I liked Yaxlich´s post very much. Yaxlich´s idea to add the technorati tag is great. I have done it (1st time ever)
Wishing PEACE for Yaxlich from Germany...



Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:21 pm) : 

Wendz - We might not achieve peace in our time. You're right. Yaxlich thinks, though, that as we embrace the digital age that perhaps a BlogBlast might just do something. Anything.

It might not but there's no harm in trying.

Sanni - Welcome to Yaxlich's blog. Peace to you from England.


Blogger Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said ... (11:28 pm) : 

Yes in 4 days we will honor our veterans with Remembrance Day here in Canada. I know war will never be rid. But we must be greatful that a group of brave men and women take up arms to keep us free.

Stopping by to wish you Peace by way of Mimi


Blogger Reeholio said ... (11:44 pm) : 

Hi Yaxlich, wishing you peace today from New Zealand, where we also have the internet.

Regards, Rhys


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:54 pm) : 

Welcome Old Fart. Yaxlich is pleased to meet someone who also believes that we should never forget the ultimate sacrifice made by so many so that we may be free.

Yaxlich is pleased to see Rhys on BlogBlast For Peace Day. He hopes that the sheep are behaving in the living room.


Blogger Jules said ... (2:02 am) : 

Julie thinks Yaxlich's idea for Technorati tags is brilliant! She just added the tag to her globe post. Julie wishes Yaxlich much peace and love!


Blogger Bud Weiser, WTIT said ... (2:34 am) : 

Great job, you put a lot thought in this. Peace-



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:07 am) : 

Peace be with you always...came via Mimi's Peace Globe...


Blogger Irene said ... (4:49 am) : 

The loony mommy wishes Yaxlich and his loved ones peace and joy that never ends! c",)


Blogger Elaine said ... (6:42 am) : 

Just stopping to say I enjoyed your post, and to add myself to those who dream of peace ...


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:10 am) : 

Julie - Yaxlich hopes that people read his post today and also add the tag to their blog. It would certainly bring more attention to the BlogBlast.

Bud - welcome to Yaxlich's blog. He thanks you for your greetings.

Andrena - welcome also. He likes the little Santa on your site.

Irene - Yaxlich wishes the same for his favourite loony mommy.

Elaine - Yaxlich is pleased you enjoyed his post and looks forward to seeing you again.


Blogger Mimi Lenox said ... (7:19 pm) : 

Yaxlich....Your enthusiasm for this project is inspiring! Thanks for teaching us about the Technorati tags. Should we place one on all our posts? Would that help? Mimi needs help understanding this. She's memed but never of. matter what you say, I believe that Yaxlich is a tree-hugging hippie at heart. YAY for the peace lovers!
This idea is contagious. I'm feeling the peaceful vibes and love all the way around this big beautiful world of ours.
Hats off to you and you and you!
Peace and love and blessings to you and yours on this very first ever Dona Nobis Pacem in the blogosphere. Queen Mims (as dubbed by Yaxlich himself)


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (9:17 pm) : 

Yaxlich thinks that it is best to only put the tag on posts that relate to the subject otherwise the nice people at Technorati might think Mimi is spamming them.

He thinks that if people add them to previous posts about BlogBlast that this would make a serious noise on the Blogosphere.

He thanks Mimi for organising such a great idea.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:27 am) : 

This post was placed permanently in the sidebar of Mimi Writes. Thanks for supporting Peace Globes.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:31 am) : 

This post was placed permanently in the sidebar of Mimi Writes. Thanks for supporting Peace Globes.


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