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Friday, August 11, 2006

315,205 And Other Things

Yaxlich likes numbers. He thinks numbers are great. He can look at pages of numbers for hours. This is why he likes his SiteMeter and Technorati accounts because they give him lots of numbers to look at.

His SiteMeter account tells him that 2 people from Canada have visited his blog in the last 24 hours and that Rhys has been to see his blog 3 times in the last 12 hours. Yaxlich wonders whether the sheep are still living in Rhys' front room. He is worried about Rhys and the health implications of having sheep in the house.

Today Yaxlich is ranked 315,205 on Technorati. He doesn't know how many blogs are on Technorati but he remembers when he joined that he was ranked over 1,000,000. He has 18 links from 10 blogs which means that at least 10 people like Yaxlich.

One of the links to Yaxlich is from a blog called Ask, Answer, Receive which Yaxlich read this morning and found interesting. The writer says that if you think about something enough it will happen. This has pleased Yaxlich greatly and he will spend the rest of the day thinking about Britney Spears delivering his mail in her school uniform. Yaxlich will let you know what happens.

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